So you have a home of your own, why settle for a boring environment when you can create one in which you are going to prosper in so many ways. As kids, we dream of making our own little homes look and feel a certain way, but as soon as we hit adulthood that same desire goes away in most people. But why? Who wouldn’t want to have an awesome space with lots of things to do, both on your own and with your loved ones? So here’s how to transform your home into a healthy entertainment zone!

Find Inspiration

Before you start tearing up your home and transforming it into your perfect healthy entertainment zone, you might want to get into the right mindset. You want to start off by being inspired and having a vision, this will be helpful later on! Your next step would be following the initial idea and taking it a step further by creating a vision board – basically find pictures and videos of things that you’d like to incorporate into your dream home. This is a great tactic if you are not sure what room to devote to what aesthetic and type of activity, so it’s better to see it on the screen first! From the color of the lights to the wall decor that will subtly make you eat more veggies, social media was my best friend.  Use social media and apps to do this, it will be such a lucrative trick!

Health Is Important

It all started with the idea that you need to create a healthier environment both for your body and for your mind. Experts from state that you can incorporate a lot of useful machines into your home and some of them can totally be disguised by being there for entertainment. Table soccer or even a pool table is such a clever yet fun thing to have. You can play by yourself or call your loved ones to join you, this is a great activity, as you won’t be sitting around while still managing to have fun! Having one of those tables in the middle of the living room will totally make people be more active and indulge in a fun activity! It’s a win-win situation! 

Chunky Furniture

Speaking of group activities, spending time with your friends and family is important, especially if you have kids. Having a giant table to play board games on is the way to go! It’s well known that board games help with anxiety and general mental health issues. So you need to make space for a big table in order to house multiple people to play a certain board game. This can take hours and hours, so always have lazy bags around so people can get comfy. You can host these kinds of nights every once in a while. It can truly be helpful for many to gather, have a session, and just relax for a few hours! Who said that activities need to be physical, mental health is important too!


So when you decide what room will have what purpose, furnishing them shouldn’t be a problem at all, especially if you are going into it with a certain vision in mind. All you gotta do is arrange accordingly. Make sure some of the rooms have a lot of open space – who’s gonna have a dance-off if there is little to no space! So make sure, you know what you are doing and that you are turning your home into this healthy entertainment zone and do it one step at a time. Make sure you have all your desired items, furniture, and decor, and only then start arranging things, hopefully with a plan in mind!


Truth be told, nowadays it’s hard to stay focused and have fun if you don’t have an electronic device near you…unfortunately that means that you need another form of electronics that can be just as useful and healthy. So grab one of those video game consoles- vii would be the best ones and use it to your advantage. This console will make you stand up, dance, or do volleyball! So yeah, you’ll be playing a game whilst being active! A video game console is a great trick to pull out as soon as you start feeling the vibe!



It’s all about the details at the end of the day, and the same goes when creating your healthy entertainment zone! Space needs to feel cozy and not too overpowered by gym and exercise items. So you want to keep a healthy balance between these two, don’t decorate your home to the brim with flashy artwork or with colored LED lights unless that’s exactly what you are going for! It all depends on the taste and style of the person but blending healthy and fun can create some interesting combinations! Just remember to keep it lowkey, it’s still your home at the end of the day.


You won’t know until you’ve tried it – so if there is a crazy idea inside you, this is the project you should start immediately! Creating your own little healthy entertainment zone can be a lot of fun, but also a lot of trial and error. If you want to create your own personal dance studio out of the guest bedroom – do it! If you want to fill your hallway walls with dart boards – do it! Nothing is stopping you! You can even make your own art pieces and display them in your desired room – this is a great way to decorate your space but it can also be a form of letting go!

At the end of the day, you want what’s best for your health, but also make it fun and fresh. Nowadays there are so many different kinds of options, the sky’s the limit sometimes! You just want to keep a nice balance, not to transform your whole house into a gym whilst still not making it a full man cave style. Balance is key, so have fun and play around with different kinds of ideas!