Cycling foot pain is a common phenomenon that occurs due to several reasons. Read this blog post to learn how to protect your feet while cycling. 

Many cyclists suffer from foot pain. Particularly on long rides, our feet start to swell, which causes problems in peddling. If you are a cycling enthusiast, then you know plenty about cycles but little about your feet. In this blog post, we will share 4 easy ways to protect your feet from cycling foot pain. So keep reading The Feet People guide to protecting your feet while cycling to learn more. 

Protect Your Feet From Swelling and Pain After Cycling 

Foot pain is the pack and parcel of cycling, or is it? Sometimes, your feet might hurt more than usual after a casual cycling ride in the morning. This pain usually happens for several reasons, such as wearing small shoes or the wrong position of our cleats. Here are all the ways you can avoid foot pain while cycling. 

Large Shoes 

Almost every foot problem is associated with giving your foot nerves more space. You can do this by wearing oversized shoes while cycling; this allows you to have more mobility. However, if you are wearing the right or small shoes, your foot nerves will be restricted, obstructing blood flow in your body. However you can use a shoe stretcher and wear your favorite shoes to protect yourself from cycling foot pain. This blockage creates foot problems and causes swelling. 

Thick or Thin Socks

If you thought all socks were the same, then you need to stop and reconsider. Thick socks are appropriate for people with thin feet because they give their feet more texture and space. When cycling, you need to add an extra layer of protection between your feet and your shoes. However, you should wear thin socks to give your feet some room to bend if you have thick feet. 

Move Your Cleat 

The cleat is the pressure point of your foot where you apply all the force to pedal your cycle. If your cleat is in the wrong position, the pressure will accumulate in one area, causing your foot to become numb when you stop cycling. Try to reposition your cleat when you are cycling. Move it as back as possible to disperse pressure. You will notice that the force you apply on the peddle affects your entire foot when you are peddling. This is the correct way of cycling and preventing foot damage. 

Special Insoles 

If your feet continue to hurt and the above tips don’t help, you need to change your insoles. You can find special insoles online that will protect your foot from pain. Foot pain usually occurs when your nerves don’t have enough breathing space. Buy an insole with a metatarsal button. It’s a small raised area between your heels and cleat that allows your foot nerves to move freely when cycling. 

Ending Note

If cycling is your passion and you don’t want to give up on it, you need to take care of your feet. Try to wash your feet after cycling to prevent fungus. Moreover, wearing the right shoes and insoles can prevent long term foot damage. So keep a lookout for the best shoes that will keep your feet healthy at all times.