Some women just lose self control in the time of difficult situation and broke down whereas others cope up pleasingly which states about their emotional quotient. If you are a mentally strong individual then this quality will definitely act as a catalyst in achieving success in your life and to know if you possess it, there are certain traits that prove you are an emotionally strong woman.

1. You keep your cool and don’t yell before figuring the things out.

Need to relax


2. You don’t hesitate to stand by your choice, though, how hard it could be. In fact, you back it with valid points when necessary.

i am fabulous

3. Even though you stand by your choice, you don’t restrain from genuine feedback.

Seek advice


4. You are comfortable in your skin and you know your worth. You do not need validation from anyone.

comfortable in your skin


5. You do go an extra mile to make someone happy but do not expect the same from others.

make others smile


6. You don’t refrain from apologizing when you know you committed that mistake.



7. You set your own set of boundaries and make sure no one crosses it, firmly.

not cool


8. You don’t take things personally.



9. You know life is too short to hold grudges and you try to sort it instead keeping it.

solve grudges


10. But if nothing seems working you move on without any regrets as you already tried your best.

dont care


 So, if you react to the situations in a similar way then you are definitely amongst the emotionally strong women!