How much do you understand alcohol addiction? Has it ever affected you, your friends, or family members? Alcohol and other drug addiction are becoming rampant nowadays. We are not sure if it’s the lifestyle changes or peer pressure, but it’s an issue worth discussing. You can describe alcohol addiction as a disease that occurs after excessive and regular alcohol consumption. It is a condition that affects the youth worldwide, and some end up messing their lives. It’s a treatable condition if discovered early and action is taken. This article will discuss in detail the addiction, its symptoms, complications, and treatment. Read on to find out more. best rehab in Florida

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Also known as alcoholism, alcohol addiction is a condition that can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender, or social status. Many factors have been considered, including race, sex, genetics, social status, but none has come close to the cause. However, behavior changes, genetics, and psychological state have greatly led to alcoholism. Medical experts have termed alcohol addiction as a disease that requires urgent treatment. According to this blog about alcohol addiction treatment for women, addicts have to be put into a controlled situation and offered medication to fight alcoholism. This means the situation is treatable, just like other diseases.

Alcohol addiction varies from one person to another. Some drink it daily, while others can stay without it for some days but resume heavy drinking. The situation affects the brain, making one not control their daily actions. If you have someone suffering from such a situation, it’s important to seek rehab immediately to help overcome the situation.

Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction

It becomes challenging to recognize addiction to some individuals. It’s not like other drugs where you can recognize symptoms and link them to the drug. Alcohol addiction isn’t easy to notice because its use is accepted in most cultures around the world. It’s not easy to differentiate between people drinking for fun and those forced to drink because of addiction. Some of the common symptoms of alcoholism include the below:

  • Frequent take or overconsumption of alcohol
  • Wanting to be near the source and avoiding places with no alcohol
  • Drinking at weird times, including early in the morning 
  • Tolerance of all alcoholic drinks and no hangovers after drinking
  • Individuals choosing friends who drink more to satisfy their thirsty
  • Avoiding other family members and friends
  • Failing to work or perform duties in the absence of alcohol
  • Depression and other mental health diseases 
  • Indulging in other drugs for maximum intoxication

All these changes depend on an individual. Some will even agree they are addicted and seek help. When you notice such signs, it’s advised to take your loved one to a rehabilitation center for treatment. Such avoids other related occurrences, including car accidents and adverse health conditions. You should never leave or shame your loved ones. Approach them with care and inform them why it’s important for them to attend a rehabilitation center.

Health Complications Associated With Alcoholism

While the above symptoms happen in the first stages of addiction, overindulgence or prolonged use leads to health complications, which are sometimes not treatable. Some of these complications are fatal. The health complications include heart disease, liver disease, stomach ulcers, sexual dysfunction, bone loss, and diabetes. Others include loss of immunity, vision loss, and high risks to cancer disease. To pregnant women; it might lead to a pregnancy loss.

With rising complications, most of the victims tend to commit suicide while others live a depressed life. Some of these conditions are treatable in their early stages. Also, sudden withdrawal from the drink leads to more challenges. It’s important to have professionals take care of the withdrawal process to save your loved one’s life.

Health Complications Associated With Alcoholism

What Are The Available Treatment Options?

If you have someone suffering from alcoholism, the first measure is to separate them from the drink. But is it the proper way? The whole process can be intimidating and challenging. Not doing the process right might lead to more complications, or the victims become uncontrollable. You can’t stop their drinking when they are not ready to deal with the problem. Some of the measures to take include:

  • Rehabilitation centers: Most patients with alcohol addiction problems are taken to rehab centers. Here, they are given a special alcohol rehabilitation program guided by professionals who help them deal with addiction. It can be an inpatient or outpatient program, depending on the situation. How long does the program take? It varies depending on the victims’ condition. It can take a whole month to twelve months.
  • Support groups: You can also seek assistance from support groups in your community. In these communities, the addicted people are given guidance and counseling and offered ways to stay off alcohol. Most of these centers are government-controlled and sometimes offer opportunities to recovered addicts to make their lives better. However, rehabs are better than attending support groups.

You can consider other options: having drug therapies, counseling, and offering some nutrition to the affected to recover from the effects. Local hospitals also help overcome the situation. Here, addicts are given antidepressants to control the side effects. This treatment enables the addicts to discover themselves. This opens the way to their recovery. 

Family and friends also play a bigger role in the recovery of an addict. They have to show care and support in every way to ensure the addicted person is assisted until they recover fully. They should try to accommodate the individual, offer support, counseling and always visit them in recovery centers to ensure their recovery journey is successful. By doing so, the victims will feel loved. It also influences their recovery success.

Early treatment of alcoholism helps salvage the victim’s life. When left to prolong, the treatment becomes challenging, and sometimes it’s fatal. Only a few long term addicts recover successfully. Once you notice your loved one struggling with this situation, you need to find them a rehabilitation center to treat the situation. This will prevent the situation from getting worse and prevents other ailments as listed above. You have to encourage the victims to complete their recovery process and offer emotional support as needed.