Some of your friends have probably advised you to buy some exercise equipment, go to the gym, follow a diet plan, or take a pill that will help reduce the weight. It’s unfortunate that despite all your effort, you are still overweight. Well, everyone knows how delicious food can be and how doing exercises can be hard. Despite your resilience, you should know that food and exercises are not the only remedies for weight loss. Several other factors affect weight loss, which you might be unaware of. 

Here are some Reasons why you Find it Difficult to Lose Weight. 

Poor Diet

Some people prefer using diet supplements as opposed to having a healthier diet. It’s sad to note that some supplements aren’t as effective as advertised. For instance, having protein shakes will make you feel satisfied; thus, you won’t have food cravings during the day. On the other hand, high protein intake helps build muscles; therefore, you won’t lose weight at the end. As such, you should make a lasting commitment to replace unhealthy food supplements with the right diet. Consider having the right food portions, spend time preparing healthy meals, have a food journal, and make the right decision on what you eat as opposed to mindless eating. Besides, you can join a diet program, such as one that sends you all the food you need for the month to lose weight, and you can also be paired with a dedicated online weight loss coach to maximize success. When you join this program, for instance, the chances are high that you will have the right food supply, and you will lose weight. To lose weight permanently, you will have to make the right choices before you consume anything. 

You only Focus on Exercises

Exercises are an integral part of weight loss, although, you won’t lose weight if you focus on exercising alone. Some people tend to overestimate the number of calories that they burn whenever they workout, while in the real sense, they have lost fewer calories. By solely focusing on exercises, you will develop a pattern of exercising to burn the extra calories that you feel you shouldn’t have had. The exercising approach often results in a strained relationship with exercises and food; besides, you will stall weight loss.

You should consider having a healthier diet and combine it with a consistent exercise routine. With time, you will experience weight maintenance and weight loss; and as such, you will have achieved your goal. 

Sugar Addiction

You might have done everything to lose weight, and you still wonder why you are unsuccessful. Most people are addicted to sugar, without them knowing it. Most people who are on a diet tend to have refined carbohydrates and less fat consumption. As a result of the sugar starvation, most people on a diet tend to experience intense hunger, and they have massive sugar cravings. To satisfy your thirst, you end up consuming more sugar, which is converted to fat, by your body. To lose weight, you must learn how to regulate your sugar addiction.

The Fat Cells Remain in the Body

You might have succeeded in losing weight, but after a while, you realize that you have gained weight. It’s important to note that once you have gained weight, your body creates cells where excess fat is stored. If you lose weight in the future, you have only burnt the fat, but the cells remain intact. When the cells are empty, they will notify your brain that is deficient of some calories; hence, you will experience a desire to replenish the missing nutrients in your body. Therefore, if you have excess fat cells, the chances are high that you will experience intense cravings and an appetite to restore the body balance. It’s therefore advisable to lose weight gradually. Don’t make a mistake and lose weight abruptly; since soon, you will experience mild cravings to restore all that was lost. 

Lifestyle Habits

To lose weight, you have to change your lifestyle habits. You don’t have to change your lifestyle at once, but instead, have an open mind and do things differently. If you have difficulty losing weight, the chances are high that you have unhealthy daily routines. To resolve this matter, you should consider doing exercises, going for a walk, or even having a home-cooked meal, instead of enjoying those fast-food meals. Besides, your fridge could be filled with tons of unhealthy snacks, or you could be spending most of your free time resting instead of burning excess calories. It would help if you watched how you spend leisure time and clear that junk food in your refrigerator. 

You are Overwhelmed with Work, Stress or have Poor Sleep

Some people experience trouble losing weight since they are overworked, sleep-deprived, or they are always stressed. Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you wake up energized. In that case, you experience seizures during the day, or Sleep often catches up with you as you work, or you are often moody or stressed, then the chances are high that you will experience difficulty losing weight. Regular exercises and the right nutritional balance are essential in weight loss, but you might forget to manage your stress levels and have poor sleeping patterns; as a result, you will find it hard losing weight.

Poor Mental Health

You might experience difficulty losing weight if you have poor mental health, probably as a result of depression or other psychological issues. Most people find food to be a reward, a source of comfort, or something that helps them handle their emotions. Some people tend to overeat, this being a means to manage their feelings. If you experience poor eating habits due to poor mental health, you should consider speaking to a counselor who will help you establish other ways to deal with your emotions. 

Unfortunately, you are struggling with weight loss, but instead of beating yourself up, there are viable options that will help you manage the situation. Excess weight is a result of poor health habits and poor mental health. It would be best if you made a genuine commitment to losing weight and sought professional help if you think that the situation has gone out of hand.