One in three of us prioritise our wellness when planning a holiday, spending on average 108 minutes away from technology of any kind, according to a report by ABTA.

With more and more emphasis being placed on personal wellbeing, it probably should not come as a surprise to learn that wellness trips are set to become commonplace, with as many as 1.2 billion expected to be taken each year by 2022. Reasons cited include to relax and unwind and to prioritise mental wellbeing, with focus on being as active as possible.

This, then, works hand-in-hand with another key reason for travel in sightseeing, with the majority travellers booking their holidays in order to see popular tourist attractions, as well as to learn about local history. So, what exactly are travellers looking to do on their wellness trips?

Most Wellness Holidays are Taken in Europe

Almost 300 million wellness trips were notched up across Europe in 2017, according to the Global Wellness Institute, with Asia and North America placing second and third respectively. Top countries benefiting from wellness holidaymakers are Germany, France, Austria and Greece.

Victoria Bacon, ABTA’s Director of Brand and Business Development, said:

“Travel companies are increasingly catering to people who want to focus on their wellbeing when away – whether it’s incorporating it into their holiday or taking a dedicated wellness trip. From adventure to youth to cruise brands, we have a wide range of ABTA Members who can ensure holidaymakers get exactly what they want from their trip, such as offering accommodation that has specific facilities or comprehensive wellbeing programmes.

“With the start of a new year, many people turn their attention to holidays for the year ahead. It’s a great time to book as there is an abundance of deals and offers available, and an endless amount of choice too, so booking early helps you get the best value for money for the holiday of your choice. For those looking to get away, whether it’s to focus on physical or mental wellbeing, visit a popular destination or to try something new – now is a good time to explore your options.”

Activities for a Wellness Trip

Combining wellness with sightseeing makes for the adventure of a lifetime, encouraging you to discover new places by foot – allowing for more time to truly appreciate what is around you – as opposed to watching the world pass you by car or other motorised forms of transport. One such possibility is a guided walking tour, which takes tourists into the heart of history exploring topics such as whether a royal prince was an infamous murderer, the old town of Barcelona and who killed JFK.

Hiking holidays have also proven to be popular amongst travellers, where travellers can get their boots on and explore the landscape of some of the most stunning destinations on the planet. Setting up camp at the end of each days, either with a party of your friends and/or family or new acquaintances you met at the beginning of your trip, really brings you back to nature. With no technology in sight, it’s arguably the ultimate tech-detox you can hope for.

Why Wellness Travel is Booming

With society becoming more conscious as to their own wellbeing, it has undoubtedly proven to be a catalyst for the spike in wellness travel. Holidaymakers, who always booked with the view to kicking back and relaxing, are taking the extra step to looking after themselves both mentally and physically.