Shaving is considered an undesirable way of removing hair from your body than waxing for many reasons. From the annoyance of shaving frequently to painful, unexpected razor cuts, shaving can be difficult to keep up with.

That’s why people prefer waxing as a natural hair removal option. Apart from your hair being seen by a stranger, and the little pain that comes with hair being pulled out from the root, waxing has a lot of skin care benefits. Read on to learn why waxing should be your first hair removal option.

Longer Re-Growth

When you wax your hands, legs, or underarms, the wax pulls your hair from the root, which means that your hair takes longer to grow back. If you’re tired of keeping up with hair growth, waxing can keep your skin smooth for up to two weeks.

Repeated waxing slows your hair growth. It’s going to take years, but you’ll reach a point where it’s not necessary to wax anymore.

Your Hair Grows Progressively, Sparser, and Finer

Waxing removes hair from the root, makes the hair follicles weaker over time. Weak hair follicles produce sparser, finer hair. Understand that genetics determine the characteristic of your hair like growth rate, color, and coarseness.

You shouldn’t expect drastic changes from coarse to fine in a few appointments.

The Exfoliating Effect

Waxing has an exfoliating effect on your skin. That’s why you may notice softer, smoother skin after every session. Once you apply wax on your skin, it begins to dry up, making the dead skin stick to it. If you pull out the waxing strip, the dead skin also comes out. Easy!

You’re Less Prone to Inflammation

The natural skin to skin friction and friction from the razor repeated shaving leads to chronic skin discoloration and inflammation. Those with darker skin types tend to be adversely affected by discoloration, and it can sometimes be a sign of diabetes.

Such a disadvantage of shaving can be easily relieved by waxing regularly since your skin gets less exposed to repeated friction. With at least one appointment a month, you’re less likely to get skin discoloration and inflammation.

Reduced Chances of Ingrown Hairs

When you wax your hair, you remove hair from the roots, but when it grows back, it tends to be thinner and tapered at the end. This block makes it difficult for hair to get trapped under the top layer of your skin.

Shaving cuts your hair below the skin level, which results in blunt hair that can get trapped under the skin and start growing around in circles or sideways. You’re bound to get ingrown hairs in particular areas, such as the bikini and neckline. This can lead to painful infections, so switching to waxing hair removal avoids them altogether.

Get a Re-Ignited Look with Waxed Skin

Taking care of your skin is important if you wish to look and feel healthy. Shaving doesn’t get rid of hair from the roots as it’s the case with waxing. That’s why you’re bound to get inflammation and irritation almost every time you shave.

Waxing is great for your skin thanks to its many benefits such, as reduced chances of ingrown hairs and growth of progressively, sparser, and finer hair.