Moving to a new place always feels intimidating because you never know what to expect. It is a stressful and complicated process, even when you have someone to help. However, as a single mom, the task can look downright impossible. Nevertheless, some tips could prove unhelpful if you’re in this situation.

Things To Consider When Moving

When relocating, several things need to be taken into consideration:

  • Do you want to stay local to be close to family and friends?
  • Is a quieter place in the suburbs better for you and your children? 
  • Do you want to live in an apartment or a townhouse? 
  • Have you budgeted how much it would cost to hire local or interstate removalists?

If you are a single mom, the chances are that you want to move closer to your parents and family or to a location that has a high-quality school for your child. For example, most Californian home buyers, along with those from other states, report that moving to a good school is often among their top priorities, along with a safe neighborhood and access to parks and nature. In addition, 50% of homebuyers with children under 18 cited local school districts as necessary when choosing a home, in contrast to 11% of those without children. 

Preparation Is Key

A few months before your relocation, consider all details because as a single parent, you will have all of the responsibility and have your work cut out. The more you plan, the easier it will be. Therefore, you will be able to sort out everything and prepare everything properly in time for your move. Clear your house of unnecessary items and make a list of what you’ll need to take with you. Start by thinking about what you need to take and what you might want to pack. When moving to a new environment, you might want to pack a few items you will need right away. For example, you might want to take your favorite comforter, a few pillows, and a few bed sheets along with you when you move. You will need to ensure a comfortable environment for yourself, and your children should be taken with you directly rather than in the removal van.

Preparation Is Key

Maintain A Positive Attitude

It is easy to become overwhelmed when looking after your children and arranging a move, but you should always maintain a positive attitude. Although keeping your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel can be difficult at times, remember that bad times pass. Instead of thinking about how much work you have to do, focus on what you have already accomplished. 

Furthermore, make time for yourself. Even if time is against you, attempt to carve out a moment in time to breathe deeply and relax. It may mean hiring a babysitter for a night of fun with friends. Or, if your children are already at school, go outdoors and take a walk. This can ease negative thoughts and get you back into a proper frame of mind.

Children Should Be Involved

Even if your children are young, allowing them to assist in your move is crucial. In addition to easing your burden, if handled positively, the process can be beneficial to the kids. They can learn the value of giving while they help you clean and sort through old belongings. During the process, you may want to encourage them to be creative, for instance, decorating moving boxes and creating a plan of how their new rooms will look.

Donate Unneeded Items

Giving away unused items helps those in need and allows you to get rid of items making packing less stressful. Your children could do this job with you, building on the previous point. It will teach about charity and goodwill and allow you to go through the stuff at the same time. All parents know that there are probably lots of items hidden away that are no longer used.

Ask Your Friends For Assistance

If you have good friends, they will be more than happy to assist, especially if you are a working mother. This could be from looking after your children, giving you moral support, and even physically helping you put your things into boxes. While some friends will help without being asked, you might have to ask other friends to come to your aid if they don’t take the hint. It would be fun to organize a few help parties for your friends. If you make it a party-like atmosphere or a get-together, you can make moving into something that people enjoy. The children can play together, and everyone will have a great time.

Keep Costs As Low As Possible

As the costs are already high, you will have less to worry about if you can reduce them as much as possible. This might mean:

  • Ask around for free cardboard boxes: You can ask people you already know or post on local Facebook or Craigslist groups if anyone has any to spare. The cost of these can add up significantly. If you can’t find free boxes or can’t get enough, go to a hardware store. Your removal company will sell them, but they will be at a premium.
  • Pack yourself rather than paying the removal company to do so: Unless you are still working and looking after your children simultaneously, you can save massive amounts by doing this yourself.
  • Have new furniture delivered to your new home: If you are buying new items, you can time them to get delivered as you are moving in. This will save on paying the removal company for extra things.

Take It One Step At a Time

Take some time to reflect once you have moved into your new home. Unpack the essentials like bedding, clothing, and other crucial items, but then take your time unpacking the rest. It isn’t a race, and as a busy single mom, you will have enough on your hands. Ensure you get your children settled and move forward slowly.

Moving is complicated at the best of times, but it can seem as though you are holding back the ocean on your own as a single mother. However, by taking it step by step and asking for help when you need it, you can get through the move and enjoy your new home.