Indian women, traditionally, wore several jewellery pieces to mark their status as married women. One of the most significant piece of jewellery worn by them was the Mangalsutra. It is a chain with back beads adorned with gold beds, pearls, solitaires, pendants and more. The versatility of designs makes it popular with modern as well as traditional households. 

Modern Mangalsutra Designs: 

Many women of the 21st century enjoy wearing the Mangalsutra as it a symbol of the union with their husband. It symbolizes their bond, and since, it is made at the time of the wedding, many nights are spent deciding on the style, size, colour, etc. After all, it will last for the bride’s lifetime and hence every care should be taken to choose a design that meets the everyday style and comfort requirements,  

Today, newlyweds or brides-to-be want to wear the trendiest Mangalsutra designs. Are you one of them, then, it’s time to take a look at the most trendy Mangalsutra set designs online. 

1. Diya Mangalsutra 

Do you remember when you used to light Diyas during festive seasons at home? This pure and divine experience offers the utmost happiness. Indeed, a Diya symbolizes a ray of hope, strength, and possibility. The Diya Mangalsutra Set is the perfect fit for modern brides. It brings a feeling of comfort and calmness surrounding the wearer and her family with positive energy… 

2. Pushpa Mangalsutra

Pushp is the Hindi word for flower, hence the mangalsutra will have floral design accents. This unique piece looks edgy and will make the wearer feel beautiful and feminine. It can be teemed with Casual wear, party wear, or formalwear: anyone can flaunt this type of design pretty much anywhere. 

3. Star Mangalsutra

Nowadays, start-shaped earrings and pendant set for ladies are in high demand. Not only does the design looks fancy, but also looks super cool in different metal colors, i.e. yellow gold or white gold, or platinum. Inspired by the shining star’s beauty, the Star Mangalsutra congratulates the bride on new beginnings (metaphorically). It holds the ultimate essence of love while embracing the tradition, all in style!

4. One-Piece Solitaire Mangalsutra

Do you know that Deepika Padukone chose to wear the simple Solitaire Mangalsutra after her wedding? Similar to the traditionally beaded mangalsutra set, the Solitaire Mangalsutra comes with a one-piece solitaire crafted in it. This comes in a variety of shapes, i.e. oval, round, heart, pear, emerald, etc. Depending on the stone’s size and color, you can choose the stone-cut and the metal type (gold, silver, platinum). Indeed, this design style looks subtle and elegant, perfect for everyday wear.

5. Peacock Mangalsutra

The latest Peacock Mangalsutra design looks super cool with colored solitary beading. It comes in 14k Gold. Depending on your personal preferences, you can either choose the all-white solitaire design on the colored solitaire design. Even if this Mangalsutra is a bit heavy, it goes well with everyday looks.

6. Heart-Shaped Mangalsutra

Even if the heart-shaped Mangalsutra set is pretty common, it is super trendy and is perfect for modern brides. Often, the Heart-shaped Mangalsutra comes with a single-piece diamond in the center. It also comes with the lettering “LOVE” in the middle. Both types of designs are trendy, yet classy. You can choose whichever you find interesting and buy online!

7. Varmala Mangalsutra

The Varmala Ceremony is one of the best moments of any marriage. Reminiscing the same emotion, the Varmala Mangalsutra captures the exact moment perfectly. It expresses the bride’s feelings of fun and excitement. Do you want to hold on to that emotion for a lifetime? Then the Varmala Design Mangalsutra is perfect for you!

8. Symbolic Mangalsutra

Do you want to add a unique touch to your Mangalsutra? Why don’t you opt for Symbol Mangalsutra designs? This type of mangalsutra set comes in a variety of symbols but in a pendant form. Taking inspiration from fashion icon Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s bridal mangalsutra, illustrate your unique style with a Symbolic Mangalsutra.


The mangalsutra continues to inspire love and commitment in a couple, even after decades of marriage. It is time to begin your life’s most important chapter with a thoughtful piece of jewelry that you can flaunt proudly to the world. 

Now, you have a clear idea about what designs and styles are trendy, it’s time to make a decision. Don’t hesitate to hover through thousands of design options that are available on the internet. Check every mangalsutra design one by one; choose the metal type, and place the order online!