It should come as no surprise that tiles represent one of the most important materials for designing or remodeling a kitchen. The surprise for homeowners is learning about how trendy kitchen tile designs change from year to year. What was once fashionable in vogue might have faded from the minds of home décor specialists in 2021.

As we close in on the halfway point of 2021, let’s review the trendiest kitchen tile designs. First, an overview of the popular types of tile materials is in order.

Types of Kitchen Tile Materials

Do you remember the last time you walked into a showroom replete with a wide variety of tiles? You probably were a bit overwhelmed by the variety of tile materials, as well as the color schemes available for each tile material. We make shopping for tiles easy by focusing on the most popular materials.


At about $3 to $7 per square foot, porcelain is an affordable material for trendiest kitchen tile designs. Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile that is sculpted at much higher temperatures than the temperatures fired for standard ceramic.

Rugged durability is the ideal characteristic for a tile material that should handle frequent strong impacts such as pounding on a countertop which can be avoided by using mackay tiles on the kitchen floor.


As one of the priciest tile materials, rainbow dichroic glass is capable of projecting a rainbow spectrum of colors. This is especially true if you use glass tiles as a design feature for reflecting both natural and artificial light. Easy to clean glass is perfect for adding on one or more kitchen walls, as well as for back splashes that tie the design of your kitchen together. Glass tiles are expensive, with the highest-end tiles going for more than $30 per square foot.


As a tile made by hand using natural materials, cement usually presents dynamic color schemes that lighten the ambiance of a kitchen. Because cement tiles are not as common as other types of tiles, demand for the material can push the price per square foot near $20. Cement tiles work best as flooring materials because of the capability to absorb strong impacts. However, cement can chip, which if not addressed, can lead to wide cracks.


Slate, marble, and granite or just a few examples of stone tile materials. Stone is easy to cut into customized pieces to create a dazzling array of different design styles and color schemes. The unique richness of stone makes the material the ultimate choice for homeowners that want to mix up the look of their kitchens.

5 Trendy Kitchen Tile Designs for 2021

Backsplash tiles were traditionally placed between a kitchen countertop and beneath the wall cabinets. However, 2021 has ushered in backsplash tiles that reach the height of your ceiling. Higher backsplash tiles present a fresh and contemporary appearance for a kitchen that has lost a little luster in the ambiance department.

Here are five other trendy kitchen tile designs for 2021:

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A mirror tile finish resents a glossy, reflective appearance that works well near natural and artificial light sources. Your kitchen should exude energy, especially if you spend a lot of time making your favorite culinary masterpieces. The reflective element of a mirror effect on kitchen tiles grows much stronger when you continue the backsplash all the way to the ceiling. Make sure to maximize the mirror effect by placing the tiles near a large window and when the sun wanes in its influence, use artificial lighting to heighten the reflective appearance of the tiles.

Murals are in

It might appear cost-prohibitive, but hiring a talented artist to create a mural using marble or porcelain tiles is an excellent way to enhance the ambiance of the kitchen. This trend allows an artist to hand paint a beautiful natural scene or a high-energy depiction of life in a large city. You can request a small mural to be painted on a ceramic countertop or added on a wall located at the main entrance of the kitchen. Just make sure to choose a mural design that has decades of artistic staying power.

Hexagon is the New Shape

Do you remember when square, circle, and even rectangular-shaped tiles ruled the kitchen design world? Well, the times have changed, as the hexagon has become the most popular tile shape for homeowners. The simple geometry of the hexagon makes the shape perfect for producing a fresh, clean look in one of the highest traffic areas of your home. Hexagon tiles work like an intricate puzzle because you can mix and match colors to enhance the ambiance of the kitchen. The popular tile shape works very well in kitchens that present an austere appearance.

Beveled Tile Edges

Also referred to as subway tiles, beveled tiles can give your kitchen a stylishly “edgy” look. Beveled tiles can transform a plain-looking white tile into a much more refined tile that exudes elegance. If you want a softer, more welcoming ambiance for your kitchen, consider turning to beveled edge tiles to produce a retro feel that is reminiscent of the white diner countertop look made popular during the 1950s.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Some trends live on forever, as is the case with penny tiles. The always popular tile design is easy to access, as well as make for a stunningly attractive kitchen backsplash. Homeowners that are interested in selling their homes in the near future should consider adding penny tiles next to cabinetry and along the side of a kitchen countertop. The addition of the penny tiles should boost the value of your home.

What about the trendiest kitchen tile designs of 2020? Although we are months away from the 2020 New Year’s Eve gala, you can bet the bank that stone tile designs will change from a focus on individual tile pieces to stone tile slabs that cover much larger areas of a kitchen.