Wondering how to celebrate 23 years of togetherness? We have listed a few ideas that will make your anniversary a day to cherish for a long time to come.

You have completed 23 years together! Now it’s time to celebrate this milestone. If you are wondering how you can make this day truly memorable, we’ve got your back. It’s not just about getting him a gift; you need to curate the whole experience. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can achieve a memorable 23rd-anniversary celebration.

Time It Right

There doesn’t need to be a set time of day for you to celebrate; you can start early too by planning a delicious breakfast the night before. You can get up early and go out to enjoy the sunrise together before returning home to the breakfast you prepared the night before. If you aren’t much of an early riser, you can decide to spend the day in bed too. 

You can just chill and relax together and enjoy each other’s company, talk and find out what’s going on in each other’s lives. You can also surprise him by preparing a special breakfast in bed. He will love this surprise, especially if he has to wake up early in the morning every day.

Arrange a Sunset Picnic

Enjoying the beautiful sunset together is a very romantic way to spend your 23rd anniversary. You can pack a light picnic with his favorite dishes and head off to a spot that will allow you to enjoy the magnificent sunset together. This might also be a place you have special memories with and this year, you can create a few new ones.

Give Him a Massage

Getting a 23rd anniversary gift for him might be easy, but then go the extra mile and make the whole experience a special one. This can easily be done by giving him a relaxing massage.  You don’t necessarily need to go to a massage parlor to give your man a relaxing spa treatment. Your bedroom can be turned into a fantastic DIY massage parlor; all you need to do is dim the lights, bring out some scented candles, and play some soft music that will relax him. 

You can use luxurious massage oils to give him the true feel of a relaxing and luxurious spa treatment. He will surely appreciate and love being pampered with a soothing and sensual spa treatment right in his bedroom.

Prepare a Special Meal

They say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”! You have already made it into his heart, which is why you are celebrating 23 years of being together, so why not whip up something that you know he loves for your anniversary dinner? You can also surprise him with a gourmet delight that you learned how to cook online. 

As an anniversary meal, you can also whip up a special dinner that you had previously on another memorable occasion such as your first date or even something that was on the menu at your wedding reception. Either way, he will really appreciate the effort that you put into preparing the special meal and will love you for cooking up a heartfelt scrumptious meal filled with love.

Revisit Your Wedding Day Memories

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, so why not revisit those memories on your 23rd anniversary? The best way to relive memories of any special day is by going through pictures taken on that day, so bring out your wedding albums and look at them together curled up comfortably on your couch. 

Going through the pictures you can remind each other of some special incidents that made the day more memorable for you or share a particular moment that brought him closer to your heart that day. 

Along with pictures, you can also cuddle up in front of the fireplace and watch your wedding video, laughing and having a good time seeing how different you all looked back then. A few sweet treats and a bottle of champagne will surely make the experience a lot more complete.

Spend the Night at a Hotel

A fun way to surprise him will be to book a night in a hotel and send him an invite to meet him there. This will be a playful surprise for him so you can make the effort to book a hotel and decorate it with candles and rose petals. Even running a hot bubble bath for the both of you will put a romantic and sensual spin to the whole night. You don’t need to go very far; a quality hotel nearby will also suffice, as it is about the entire experience, not the location, that will make the night one to remember for a long time.

Take a Class Together

Both of you can take a class together to learn something that you both will enjoy. You might sign up for a cooking class, learn to cook something that you both will love to eat or learn how to play a musical instrument that caught your fancy for a while. Whatever you decide to do, it will be wonderful to spend time together and learn a new skill while rekindling your intimacy.

Take an Adventure Trip

If both you and your partner are adventure geeks, you can participate in thrilling activities such as skiing, skydiving, parasailing, or parachuting. If you love the blue waters of the sea, you can go snorkeling or sea diving. Enjoying a thrilling activity together on your 23rd anniversary will surely set the tone for the year to come.

Renew Your Vows

Twenty-three years is a long time by any standard, so this might be the perfect time to renew your wedding vows. You can arrange a small ceremony with a few close friends and family and renew the vows you made to each other all those years ago. What better way to strengthen the bond you both have and rekindle your love for each other in the process?

Summing Up

Any anniversary is special, and if it is to celebrate 23 years of togetherness, it must be really meaningful. So celebrate your love for each other with these ideas mentioned above, and may the rest of your life be as loving and peaceful as the 23 years behind you.