Are you a mom who wears a “busy” badge? Well, then this article is for you! We have 24 hours in a day; you and I cannot magically increase this number. So, the only thing that can be done realistically is full time management through the tips given below: 

1. You cannot get Everything Done! 

Time management is one of the biggest concerns of busy moms. They swing like a pendulum for the entire day between work, household chores, and kids. It is time for you to understand that you cannot get it all done. Just by realizing this will take off much stress. I mean, how can one deal with workplace issues, then come back home to a pile of tasks that need immediate attention. After completing those, you then try to bake bread and work on the DIY décor project, because you assumed that anybody could make abstract art. All of this is a perfect recipe for restlessness, stress, and well, a complete disaster. Your brain will get exhausted. You will not perform the best in anything that you do. Having it all at once is never a good idea. For all new moms who are reading this, you should take notes too as these are also tips for new mommies. Try spreading your tasks and break them down. Keep your art DIY decor project for weekends. Many of these deadlines are self-imposed. You must give yourself some room to breathe and relax. Everything will happen on its own time when correct planning is carried out. 

2. Prioritize and Allocate Time

I came across this tip a very long time ago. It has changed my life completely. The idea is to allocate your time to those things that are important and truly matter. Once you are done with this, the next step is to schedule the less important activities around them. It not only means that you will eliminate multitasking, but there will be more time moms can use to relax, states Pamela O’brien, a young mom who works remotely with I know that being spontaneous is great. However, this causes chaos. If you disturb your daily schedule due to your spontaneity, you will spend a week correcting it. It is a vicious circle that you must avoid at all costs. It would be best to keep your children, spouse, and yourself, your center of attention. Allocate time for each of the members. Then build around that time. Perhaps, you can do the dishes after you are done playing with your son.  Remember, your children will not recall the chores that you performed but the time that you spent with them. It is one of the best working mom tips that I am giving you. 

3. Change your Habits 

Yes, there is never a static part of life where you stop learning. To manage your time better, you need to change your bad habits to good ones. Suppose you just had supper, then take the dishes to the sink and give them a rinse. A pile of dishes will take you valuable time that could have been spent doing something useful. It is because, after an hour, the dirty dishes will be harder to wash. They will have to be soaked and scrubbed. Here we go, two more added steps for you just because of your bad habits. The same goes for the bills. Always put them in one place and address them immediately. You will save the time and hassle that will go in looking for a piece of paper that could have been kept in a file in literally under a minute. 

4. Look for Jobs that Offer Flexibility

As a mom, you will have a lot on your plate. Try to look for employment opportunities that provide flexibility. Just imagine that the company such as EssayWritingService that you work for offers you the opportunity to work from home during off-peak hours. That is a huge benefit as you can get more time to manage your tasks and prioritize your family. 

5. Prioritize Yourself Too!

As discussed before, you must prioritize and allocate your time accordingly. In this way, you will know how to have more time every day. It would be best if you took out time from your daily routine to pamper yourself. It is essential for your mental and physical health. Try to drink enough water and exercise daily. Now I am not asking you to spend hours in the gym. Practicing meditation daily for fifteen minutes is more than enough, as small efforts make huge differences. You should also get massages and spa treatments to help relieve the tension built in shoulders and muscles. Self-care is one of the most overlooked factors. Having a work-life balance is integral. So, when you wake up tomorrow, try to take a long shower and put on some makeup. Doing something this minimal will alleviate your mood. A healthy diet plan should also be followed. Never miss out on those healthy greens just because you are in a rush, and grabbing fast food is more accessible and convenient. Lastly, quality sleep is what all working moms need. A good seven hours of sleep is more than enough. Try taking it to nine hours on weekends for that extra glow!

Prioritize yourself too!

6. Multitasking, a Lie

You should always do one thing at a time. There is no such concept as multitasking. In reality, you are just engaged in task switching. Our brain tends to focus on one task at a time. If you are trying to multitask, then you are challenging your brain to switch back and forth from one task to another. Well, this will take an eternity! It is not just exhausting as the quality of your work will be compromised in this process. Proper stress and time management plan call for individual tasks being performed at a time. If you cannot do everything yourself, then instead of opting for the multitasking option, try to delegate. Divide the tasks between your family members that they can perform efficiently. Teach your children to take their things back after playing in the lounge. Ask your husband to help you with the dishes or cleaning. In this way, you will not be exhausting your brain.  

These are the top six tips that will help you in getting a stress-free life. As a busy mom, you must learn to organize and plan. Do not try to do everything yourself and at the same time. Try to prioritize and never forget to place yourself on your priority list!