Cheers on your pregnancy!! Finding out that you are pregnant is quite big and exciting news but it comes with tons of responsibilities and added expenses. Along with that, it is such a rush to start buying baby stuff as soon as possible. Most women wait until they are done with their first trimester to start shopping for baby clothes.  Parents start to feel overwhelmed when they have a baby on the way but one of the biggest worries that parents have is that they are completely unprepared to take care of a child. However, they must be prepared with a ready checklist of the crucial items needed at the time of delivery. Having all the supplies handy before the baby gets home goes a LONG way towards putting your mind at ease.  Raising a baby requires a lot of stuff and there is so much to consider before you start buying stuff for your baby while you’re pregnant.

Here is the First Time Mom Shopping Checklist of the Stuff you must Purchase:

Along with shopping for a baby, there are lots of things that you could be doing to support yourself as a mother and learn more about your pregnancy. It can help you feel more comfortable about the future.

1. Crib: You must purchase a high-quality crib that meets the newest safety standards.

2. Bassinet: Similar to a crib, ensure that the bassinet you buy is sturdy and kept in the same room as you for at least the first year of your baby’s life.

3. Stroller: Buying a convertible stroller comes handy while going for a new baby shopping. It can be used with your car seat or otherwise for a walk. A simple umbrella stroller also works well for all purposes.

4. Car seat: You must not skimp when it comes to buying a car seat as it is one of the most important safety products that you will buy. A quality car seat is convertible and lasts for many years as your baby grows.

5. Newborn clothes: You are going to need a bunch of these but avoid buying a ton of newborn clothes because many children outgrow them quickly. Rather than purchasing all clothes of the same size, you can go for 3, 6, 9, or even 12-month clothing before your baby is born.

6. Diapers: Loads of diapers should be the first on your checklist while planning when to start shopping for a baby. But don’t get too many of the smallest sizes. Baby’s diaper sizes change quickly so be sure not to overload them. Do not forget to have a look at eco friendly diapers too.

7. Wipes: You will also need a lot of wipes as your baby will keep spilling stuff. Picking up high quality, biodegradable, and preferably herbal wipes will also help prevent diaper rash and irritation while also being better for the environment!

8. Shampoo and other toiletries: Make sure to buy mild shampoos, soaps, and other toiletries that are not too harsh on your baby’s delicate skin since babies get dirty quickly and easily.

9. Hairbrush:  Even though you probably have stocked bathroom accessories already, things like baby hair brushes also have to be bought that are very soft and smooth.

10. Baby towels and washcloths: Adorable hooded baby towels are a must buy item for the first baby as they are super helpful and cute to wrap your baby after a bath.

11. Bottles: Even if you are breastfeeding you must have some bottles to store the breast pumped milk to store for later.

12. Toys: It is still fun to have a few colorful toys for your baby to mess around with until they get big enough to interact more!

There’s no harm in buying some stuff for your baby while in your initial trimester. But you might want to know what gender your baby is before buying nursery decor and baby clothes. It is best to buy important baby stuff when it’s the cheapest during a sale.