Since the majority of high-paid jobs today are closely related to technology, working as a freelancer is a good option for many people who prefer following a flexible schedule to still spend some valuable time with the family. From programmers to translators and designers, the employment options are basically unlimited! The most challenging part is to organize your schedule correctly, which is only possible with a clear outline and analysis of what you can do and how much time it takes you to complete an average task. Do not try to take it all and start with too many duties at once. Take one step at a time and work out your unique workflow. Such an approach will help you to see what works best for you! Even those paid freelance jobs that may seem simple can appear more challenging than you think. Always make sure to learn more about what is being offered first. Our guide takes a quick look at those paid freelance jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home and make a decent salary. 

The Five Most High Paid Freelance Jobs in 2021

  1. Programming & Data Security. Even if it stands for some work with a blog of a famous celebrity, your programming skills will always come in handy if you keep within the privacy rules and can work fast. Likewise, C++ programmers and Data Security pros who work remotely can provide freelance services and earn quite a lot! According to Security Intelligence, most professionals in the last decade turn to freelance work since it allows more flexibility, especially when working remotely. Since we are dealing with cloud-based solutions for most types of IT work, working from home via a secure environment is more possible than ever. Take time to see what IT certificates can help you to earn more based on your initial skills. It does not have to be something overly complex or expensive. Even if you add something simple to your resume, it will instantly increase your chances of getting some competitive Data Management or analytical freelance jobs. 
  1. Translation Services. One of the most popular services these days, freelance translators provide anything from phone consulting to localization services for web pages of large companies, video games, or mobile apps. Those experts who can provide relevant certification are even more in demand. Check the lists provided by IsAccurate to find more about the requirements and see how to earn more as a freelancer. Moreover, you can also check technical translations if you have the required background. What it means in practice is combining your professional skills (Healthcare, Law, Psychology, Chemistry) with the work of a translation expert. Earning a special technical translator’s certificate will help you to find various tasks related to your discipline. You may work as a translator or provide an expert’s view regarding the accuracy of a translation. 
  1. Tutoring. While most people will instantly think of education, it includes way more than that! Starting with helping children finish their homework via Zoom or Skype services to psychological assistance for the older people, you can provide all kinds of tutoring as a freelancer. One of the reasons why it brings a good income relates to private educational institutions and the parents alike who prefer individual tutoring services. While this market is quite competitive, think about offering help with Physics, Chemistry, or providing assistance for children with special needs, as an example. 
  1. Web & Graphic Design. Once again, we enter a competitive market, which is why it helps if you can create an example of your work by starting a blog. If you are an already established designer, think about cooperating with Instagram influencers and taking part in various competitions. Remember to spread the word of mouth online and show why your services are better than the rest! Do not forget about some examples or tutorials that would show your creative approach and flexibility. This way you won’t be giving your secret tricks away but will show that you are capable of various designs and have enough to offer even for those demanding clients. 
  1. Legal Consultations. Last but not least belongs to online legal services that are used by anyone from those who would like to buy some property abroad and developers who would like to start a small business but do not want to take the hassle of visiting some law company’s office. Remember to mention your certifications and the list of services on offer by making it clear! It will help you to reach people who seek legal services by using simple terms when describing their situation. The most important is to add various keywords and phrases to your text to help the search engines catch the most popular user requests related to legislation. Keep a healthy balance between readability and the list of keywords that you would like to cover. Next, remember to Include several success stories (client testimonials), which can also be done in the “question-answer” pattern where you provide various law help online.  

What Factors Help to Earn More? 

What Factors Help to Earn More?

First of all, people who can provide at least one certificate will automatically earn more than those who only provide a diploma. Even if you pass through some courses or have something to add to your resume, it is already a plus. Next, provide testimonials from your happy clients and keep your social media presence active! Share various posts that discuss social events, working from home, parenting, travel tips, and more. Such an approach will help you to show that you are a responsible person who cares for things that take place around us. Show respect, provide something unique as a freelancer, make campaigns, and offer discounts for returning customers. The more active and socially-responsible you are, the better!