Smoking is a terrible activity that negatively impacts your body and life. Check out these great alternatives to smoking cigarettes to help you quit.

Did you know that smoking a cigarette shortens your lifespan by 11 minutes?

Whether you smoke one cigarette a day or one pack a day, this habit is detrimental for your health and longevity. Many people know this and try to quit, but nicotine withdrawal makes it challenging.

Do you want to learn how to quit smoking for good? Check out these five alternatives to smoking.

Copycat Alternatives to Smoking: Vaping

Quitting smoking is more than a nicotine issue. Lots of people enjoy the sensation of smoking. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping is as close as you can get to cigarettes.

Aside from improving your lung health, vaping can also be more enjoyable than smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes can help wean you off of nicotine and they come in all kinds of flavors. Some of the best vape juice flavors include French toast, glazed donut, and strawberry.


Lung cancer is one of the biggest risks of smoking, which is why switching to a patch can save your life. Not only are they discreet, but they can help you reduce your nicotine dependence at a pace where you feel most comfortable and confident.

The reason why patches are so effective is that you only have to apply them once a day to get a steady release of nicotine into your bloodstream. Since your body is supplied with nicotine at all hours, you won’t feel a craving to smoke.


If you’re someone who enjoys the feeling of having a cigarette in your mouth, nicotine gum can be another way to keep you busy. Lots of people smoke when they want to relax, so chewing gum can be a healthier activity.

Gum isn’t as potent as the patch, so this alternative is better for lighter smokers. After you start chewing, your cravings should start to go away within 10 minutes.


Anyone who’s serious about quitting smoking can get a prescription from their doctor for Chantix. This drug mimics nicotine in the way that it interacts with your brain. Once Chantix is in your system, it triggers a dopamine release, which helps you feel pleasure.

Although medication can be the most effective tool for treating addiction, there are always side effects that could occur. If your doctor thinks you’re a good candidate, Chantix can help you quit cigarettes permanently.


If you’re ready to quit smoking cold turkey in a more natural way, then hypnosis might be your best solution. Although more scientific research is needed to prove its effectiveness, many people have been able to improve their lifestyle habits by seeing a hypnotist.

The reason why it works is that your brain enters a heightened state of awareness. While you’re being hypnotized, you’re more open to suggestions. Hypnotists can then decrease or eliminate your cravings for cigarettes so you no longer find them appealing.

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With these five alternatives to smoking cigarettes, you’ll be able to break the bad habit for good.

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