It’s been long since I have been reading about spiritual and material life and our motive behind survival on this planet. After observing things closely I thought of sharing my ideas and what I firmly believe.

We all are living with some desire in our heart. A desire to earn in millions, to afford a villa, to go on world tours,, to get attention from people and one of the greatest desires is to sleep with some beautiful figures in town. We never think of growing spiritually and contemplate over our futile life.  Well, I have one bad news if you are amongst them, we might be living in an illusion. I mean whatever materialistic things we have experienced till now or want to experience, in reality, it does not exist.

Now you must be thinking, what the heck is this? Living in an illusion! How’s that possible! Everything around us is so real and tangible, the car we drive looks extravagant, the 3500 sq.ft flat we live in gives immense comfort and security and the beautiful girls we are dating are not looking unreal from any angle then how can I say it’s an illusion. Well, I will explain it through this small illustrative story from Yog Vasistha.

When Lord Rama was still a teen he was quite disillusioned by the worldly things because he thought why should he participate in worldly matters, why should he savour the pleasures of his wealth and power as one day he is going to die and everything will come to an end. He was remaining quite upset and then his guru Yog Vasistha helped him in understanding the reality of the world by telling him an archaic story of Rani Lilawati.

Once Rani Lilawati was talking to her husband regarding her family and other issues, queen was sleepy and so she dozed off. In her dream she was reborn as a child and become a young girl , married to a king , had children, died and again she took birth as a girl and same thing happened to her and she died in the end. Such cycle of life and death happened to her for seven times and she woke up in the end and she was confused and wondered that how did she lived 7 lives in her dream of mere few minutes. But what she experienced in the dream was very real. She enjoyed her childhood, romanced with all her husbands and suffered at the time of death. Every experience in the dream was real, but when she returned to her wakeful state from a dreamy state, the experience had no relevance but she has gone through it.


Here, Yog Vasistha wants to explain Lord Rama that whatever we experience in life whether its decease of family members, sensual pleasures or wealth, they are as irrelevant as the dream of queen Lilawati. When she was dreaming, all her experience seems to be real for her but when she change the level of her mind and came to her wakeful state all her emotions and people she met in her dreams seems to be unreal. In the same way our family, friends and our emotions in the wakeful state are irrelevant from the higher level of consciousness which is known as super consciousness or Krishna consciousness.

In Krishna consciousness we can achieve an ultimate bliss of god, make us free from all the agitation and samsara i.e repetitive cycle of birth and death and our soul will get final liberation.


So, one should pursue his/her goals and work hard but do not get lost in money, power, fame and lust. We should balance our spiritual and material life. We are having relative experiences which are materialistic and to get the absolute experience (experience of god) we need to transcend our mind and reach the blissful state of peace. So keep one thing in mind we might be living in an illusion.