Digital watches have become quite popular, but people believe these timepieces would soon replace analog watches completely in the near future. However, when you think about gifting someone a watch, it would rarely occur to you to gift them a digital watch. Yes, digital watches come with so many additional features besides telling time. However, when it comes to items that someone would treasure for the rest of their life, digital watches don’t quite make the cut.

If we talk about watches for women, most of them would adore the kind that is not too heavy; the kind of watch that sits on their hand without looking like an elephant. If you’re planning to gift that special woman in your life a watch- it better be a unique piece and definitely not a digital watch.

This brings us to discussing wooden watches from Lux Woods. Lux Woods watches are made completely from wood, and that makes every watch unique.Lux Woods watches are made completely from wood, and that makes every watch unique These watches have the most exclusive designs, and each watch is different since they are all handmade. Every watch is made with dedication and a lot of time and effort is invested in every timepiece. This makes wooden watches for her from Lux Woods worth being gifted.


With so many brands that sell watches, it’s not easy to be impressed with one specific brand and calling it unique. You would find many brands that sell expensive watches. However, all these watches share something or the other in common in terms of design and soon, go out of style.

Lux Woods watches are unique since they are made from wood. And as already said, the fact that each watch is made by a craftsman who puts in his creativity to make a wonderful product adds a lot more to the watch, making them one of the best wooden watches for her.

In addition to what completely sets Lux Woods watches apart from other watches is that these watches are made with a clear purpose in mind. While the brand says that it is committed to delivering quality products to its customers, it also focuses on giving back to the society and environment. The watches they make are environmentally friendly and recyclable since they are made from wood.

They are also working closely with 2 organizations- one that feeds poor children and the other that plants trees. These aspects about this brand have established Lux Woods as one with a goal; making it more popular. So, if the special woman in your life is philanthropic, you can mention these facts and make her feel that she is also contributing to the world in some way.


To make it easier for you to identify and buy the best of Lux Wood’s wood watches for her, here are a few of the best-selling watches from the brand as rated by the customers.


The Gaston wood watch made out of olive wood has a light brown watch band and a dark blue colored dial. Gaston wood watches from Lux Woods are popular for their dials, which have stick markings and are an amazing choice in wooden watches for female.


For women who prefer light in weight timepieces that are also sleek, the Kerr Wood watch would be a perfect choice. This watch is made from Chanate wood and is dark brown in color. The dial is square-shaped and black in color. Furthermore, the dial is also small in size which goes well with the thin watch band.


The Bendemeer wood watch is made from Chanate wood, having a signature Chanate dark-brown color. What’s more is that the Bendemeer watch has a bright blue dial, which is quite unique and different from the various other Lux Woods watches for its impressive combination. If your woman loves blue, this is one of the best wooden watches for her. The dial is small yet clear since it has stick markings.


The Parkchester collection from Lux Woods is more like a vintage collection. For anyone who is looking for a more unique appearance and a color that is different from the typical woody one, this watch is for them. While it has a nice wooden texture, it is reddish brown in color since it’s made from Red Pau Rosa wood. The dial is black in color which makes it a beautiful pairing of colors. Additionally, the dial only has small stick markings which makes it look elegant.

Lux Woods watches are not only stylish but also safe for the environment. You have many reasons to consider gifting a Lux Woods watch to the person you love and care about. To make it look even more unique and personalized, you can also request the seller to add engravings to the back of the dial. It doesn’t matter what your message is, the designers would be more than happy to get it done for you.

Do you want to have extra options? Check out more of the best wooden watches over at Groom+Style.  Do let us know which watch you loved the most.