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Looking to spice up your Instagram feed? Just not getting enough likes to compete with your friends and coworkers?

We’ve all had the Insta blues at some point in our social media career.

Don’t fret. Everyone needs an Instagram to revamp from time to time, and there’s no better way to kickstart your Insta feed makeover than by brushing up on the basics.

In this article, you’ll learn how to take good Instagram pictures that will impress your followers and leave them wondering if you majored in photography.

How to Take Good Instagram Pictures

Take these top tips into consideration and start posting like one of the pros. It’s easy to do once you know the basics!

1. Choose the Right Angles

You’ve probably heard it before. Angles are everything. 

Whether you’re posing for a selfie or photographing the sunset, it’s crucial that you know which angle best captures your subject.

When taking photos for Instagram, it’s a good idea to try out a few different angles to get a feel for what looks the most appealing. Exploring your options will better allow you to make a decision on what looks best.

Snap a few photos from slightly above the subject, and then snap a few more with the subject head-on. See how the light differs from each angle.

When photographing people or taking selfies, there are a few tricks to capturing a flawless moment. Holding the camera slightly higher than the subject will cause the person to look up towards the camera, making their eyes appear bigger.

Some angles can cause the optical illusion of a double chin, which is an unforgivable sin in the realm of Instagram. This is because, naturally, our chins have the tendency to tuck in toward our necks.

To counteract this, simply extend the head away from the neck. This will also define your jawline.

If you’re photographing objects or scenery, try experimenting with depth and placement. You’ll notice how some angles complement your subjects more than others.

2. Know Lighting Is Key

Light plays a huge factor when it comes to taking photos. It can separate the good Instagram pictures from the bad.

It is the be all end all.

As you’ve probably experienced, lighting has the ability to change the entire appearance of a subject. It can cast shadows, highlight features, and even wash out subjects in a photo.

This is why finding the perfect lighting is vital.

Natural light is a resource that lots of great influencers use. They live for the sunlight streaming through their windows and bask in its golden, post-worthy glory.

One reason why natural lighting is so visually appealing is that they allow scenes to appear richer and brighter.

If you can, try timing your photoshoot during golden hour. Golden hour is the time of day when the sunlight is softer and warmer — either the hour before the sun sets or the hour after the sun has risen. This short period is sure to grant you with some stunning Instagram pics.

3. Follow Photography Class Basics

Whether you’ve taken a photography class or not, there’s a lot to be gained from knowing a few simple composition techniques. Here are a few coveted Instagram photography tips you can put to use.

1. The Rule of Thirds is a popular technique that can instantly upgrade your photo. To use it, simply divide your image into thirds (Instagram lets you do this in real-time) so that there are nine equal parts. Then, place your subject where the lines intersect. The human eye is naturally drawn to these intersections, so this will make your photo more visually pleasing.

2. The Rule of Odds states that an image that includes an odd number of subjects is more pleasing to the eye than an image with an even number of subjects. So when you’re snapping your cute pics for Instagram, try to include 3, 5 or 7 people or things!

3. Negative Space is any area of a photo that is not the subject. Using negative space can improve the visual quality of your photos because it emphasizes the subject. Without distractions, the eye focuses on the most important part of the photo.

4. Centered Composition is a good technique for people who want a more balanced aesthetic in their photos. Although it contradicts the rule of thirds, centered composition can draw attention to the subject as it’s placed in the center of the frame. It’s important to keep the background simple with this technique or else you might be posting a jumbled mess.

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4. Edit Tastefully

Let’s face it. No Instagram photo is perfect without a few touch-ups.

Editing your Instagram photos can make them more visually appealing, but too much editing can make them look clearly fake.

So, where’s that fine line?

Many photo editing apps allow users to blur blemishes, whiten teeth and enhance the coloration of your photo. Use these features with a light hand, however, or else you run the risk of getting called out for photoshopping.

You can also use Instagram’s editing features before you post.

Through the app, you can adjust white balance, exposure, highlights, shadows and more. These features are a great, quick way to transform your photo into exactly what you like.

5. Explore Filters

Like editing, filters are another great way to enhance your cute Instagram pics.

Instagram’s filters are nice because there is a wide variety to choose from. You’re also able to test each one out before deciding which one compliments your photo best!

Something to keep in mind is that filters that are too harsh or too contrasted can look bad, so make sure the filter you choose merely enhances your image rather than changing it as a whole.

Filters that brighten your photo and make the colors appear richer are good choices! But just as you don’t want anything too dark, you don’t want anything too light either. Otherwise, your subject may appear washed out.

Post Away!

So, you’re a pro now! You know how to take good Instagram pictures and you’re ready to share all the highlights of your life with your followers.

Now that you’re feed is looking better than ever, be sure to check out more posts like this on our website!