Have you ever thought about getting a pet? Animals can become not only an option for evening entertainment but also a real friend. But there is one problem when it comes to choosing a pet. How to pick the right pet? Should it be a dog or a cat? Are you ready to experiment and buy exotic animals? Let’s look at the details.

Say Goodbye to Preconceived Ideas

The first thing you should forget about is stereotypical thinking. Of course, you should like the animal visually. But are you ready for the nuances of each species or breed? For example, Shih Tzus and French Bulldogs are some of the most emotional dog breeds that require constant attention. Are you ready to change your daily rhythm of life and adapt to your new pet?

The same goes for other animals. Hamsters and chinchillas are nocturnal animals. Even most cats are ready to play and run from room to room, mostly at night. Are you ready for them to jump on your dress or favorite curtain? Finding an animal requires a more careful definition of the criteria.

Think About Your Lifestyle

If you are a freelancer working from home, there are many types of pets for you. But what if you are away from your home almost all day? Can you regularly walk your dog, groom the fish, or feed animals on time that require up to 5-8 meals a day?

Some animals can be left alone in the apartment, but cats, dogs, and many other pets can easily damage furniture, appliances, and electronics while you are away from home. That is why you should choose animals that are fully consistent with your lifestyle. There are quite a few companies ready to take care of your dog, cat, or any other animal. But it will not come cheap.

Don’t Impulse Buy

Don't Impulse Buy

Spontaneous purchases are always a big risk. Many pets live very long lives. Are you ready to take on such responsibility and feel discomfort from hasty actions? All animals require a certain level of care, attention, and waste of maintenance. You should first familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons of a particular pet.

For example, many dogs refuse to eat dry food or are very picky. You have to analyze each top rated dog food review to choose something tasty. Only then can your dog agree to a change in its daily diet.

Do Your Sums

Many pets become less cuddly and less desirable when it comes to money. For example, French Bulldogs have frequent heart problems and difficulty breathing. You don’t want to save your pet from suffocation every time she runs after a thrown ball, do you?

The monthly costs of veterinarian, vaccinations, accessories, and other items can be a serious obstacle to acquiring a real pet. Some pets will only cost you $50- $70 a month. But are you willing to spend several thousand dollars if a rare breed puppy suddenly gets sick?

You also need to pay attention to nutrition. For example, spayed cats require a special diet with vitamins and minerals. You have to read the cat product reviews to find the best option. It’s the same with fish, iguanas, hedgehogs, and even alligators.

Think About a Rescue Pet

Think About a Rescue Pet

How often do you buy new dresses, smartphones, or get your nails done? It may seem strange, but many people buy a pet like another clutch bag or hat. But this is a living creature and not a fashionable accessory! And are you ready to buy friendship, loyalty, or love? This does not mean that buying animals is wrong, and you need to boycott pet shops.

But maybe you should go to a shelter and help some stray animal? Even many celebrities found their pets on the streets. There is nothing unnatural about this. Rescuing a small kitten by the road or an emaciated and tired puppy, you are doing a good deed and helping a living being. This way, you and your pet will have a strong mental bond.

Use a Reputable Breeder

But sometimes, people need a purebred animal with a pedigree, history, and a special passport with vaccinations. Then you need to find the responsible breeder. Firstly, you will immediately know all the animal’s nuances and not worry about the honesty of the seller. It also allows you to rely on the animal to crossbreed dogs, cats, or other pets.

Find Your Perfect Match

It’s best if you read all about the types of animals that you like. Pay attention to features, sizes, character, and personal preferences. You shouldn’t make a choice impulsively, but you shouldn’t deny yourself if you really like a parrot or an iguana. This is the beauty of choosing an animal. You should be comfortable and interesting while interacting with this living creature.

Find Your Perfect Match

Place of Residence Matters

Don’t buy dangerous or large animals. A huge dog will look ridiculous in a small apartment. At the same time, you don’t need to buy dangerous animals like spiders and snakes without choosing a terrarium. The same goes for snails and lizards. And don’t buy rodents if you plan to put the cage in a very large room. Otherwise, you risk not finding your pet if the door of his home is open.

These are only basic guidelines, and there is no one size fits all advice. Each case is unique. Perhaps you will see the eyes of a small puppy or a fox and decide that this is the best pet in the world. Some people believe that extreme is above all and buy animals like monkeys, caimans, or large turtles. And don’t even think about a flock of Vietnamese pigs if you don’t have a place and an aviary for this.

Your choice should be logical and wise. The animal is not a toy but your future friend and companion. You should try interactive communication in a kennel or specialized cafe where visitors have access to animals. Then you will have the experience of communication and the first emotions.