Has your puppy or dog been acting uncharacteristically tired? Although this is not the most common issue, there are many potential reasons that your pup may not be as lively as they should be. If you find your pup seems to be more sluggish than expected, these tips should give you a hand. This article will endeavour to explore some great ways to elevate your pups energy levels.

‘Watch What You Eat’ – Your Puppies Diet

  • Be sure to select nutritional dry and/or wet food, as this is especially important for puppies who are developing. Here is a great place to find fresh dog food to help ensure your pup is well-nourished.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix in some home-cooked meals once or twice a week. Be sure to consider options such as brown rice, lean meats & healthy sources of fat (not all that different to a healthy diet for people). Some additional in-depth reading on this subject is available on The Spruce Pets.

‘In A Rut’ – Your Puppies Mood

‘In A Rut’ - Your Puppies Mood

  • Train your pet, teaching your pet new tricks will stimulate their mind, keeping them mentally active and healthy. Even if your dog is injured, Ben Blecha invented Hero Braces for their injured legs to continuously be active.Not only will training your puppy to help you bond and energise them, but it is also a fun way to show off some impressive tricks, here is an excellent article on some impressive & fun tricks.
  • Consider introducing supplements or vitamin-enriched products to help your puppy be well-nourished as it grows & develops. There are even options that can improve your puppies mood directly with natural remedies.
  • Your puppy’s mood can be a result of multiple factors, both external or internal. It helps to pay extra attention to your puppy’s behaviours to identify what the root cause of their fatigue is. A helpful read can be found on HealthyPets, which looks to explore what different behaviours in your puppy can mean.

‘Get Active’ – Your Puppies Lifestyle

‘Get Active’ - Your Puppies Lifestyle

  • Create healthy outlets to avoid any negative behaviours your dog may develop as a means of venting extra energy. A simple walk around the block or playing with them for 20-30 mins will improve their overall wellbeing. Many studies have found that doing this not only boosts the serotonin levels in your puppy but additional in people. To read more positive effects of playing with your furry friend, have a read of this article on helpguide.org.
  • Surrounding your puppy with people will socialize them; this will significantly help elevate their mood & making them an overall friendlier & healthier pet when at home. It will also teach your pet social limitations making them better with kids, and more well-behaved around fellow k-9’sNot unlike children, puppies thrive off structure and routines will help keep your puppy balanced & calm, whether it’s as basic as committing to timing your puppies’ meals or daily walks regularly or going into greater detail as having a morning, afternoon & evening schedule. More information can be found on this subject on aka.org.

‘Have Fun’ – Accessories

  • There is a vast range of puppy toys available on the market. However, one that can help both entertain & reward your pup is the KONG. This toy is designed to allow you to fill it with a tasty treat, which will keep your puppy engaged for potentially hours. With a range of designs & even ‘stuffing recipes,’ this is a very handy toy your dog will love for years.
  • Another excellent category toy to consider for your puppy is the ‘teething’ range. As with any baby, puppies experience teething as well. There are many designs available based on your puppies size & how ‘aggressive’ they can chew, with even a broad range of non-toxic toys as well; you are bound to find the perfect toy for your puppy. Amazon is a great place to browse a large selection of options.

Some dog’s joints get really beat up during their lifetimes, whether it’s from chasing after the neighbor’s cat (or your own), playing catch, or any other doggy adventures yours could potentially embark on. For some dogs, it’s a real problem that can lead to joint-related issues, but solutions like the WiggleLess Back Brace can help prevent problems such as ACL injuries, osteoarthritis, and tears. Knowing your breed’s particular health concerns and physical needs will help you choose a pet insurance policy that’s right for you, but regular play and exercise can help ensure your dog’s bones stay strong and cause minimal wear on their joints over time.