Did you overdo things when you went to that wine tasting with your friends? Or, maybe you went out after work and unwinding took a few more drinks than you thought you needed.

No matter the cause, the next day is positively miserable when you drink too much. It seems like nothing will get rid of the headache and queasiness. Well, there are a lot of so-called remedies that claim to help with hangovers, but the truth is that they rarely work at all.

There are ways to help, however. In fact, there are a few natural remedies that will help to ease the effects of too much drink. In this article, I will reveal a few of the natural ways that you can get rid of your hangover.

Why we get Hungover?

We’ve all been there. You wake up with a pounding headache, your mouth is dry and your stomach feels very queasy. We all know what happens when we drink too much but rarely think of why it happens.

A hangover starts when the blood alcohol levels drop. As the alcohol gets processed and starts leaving the system is when the symptoms begin. There is a toxin in alcohol called congeners that are the by-products of the fermentation process. These are the main source of your hangover.

And they are found in greater numbers in dark spirits like red wine, whiskey and others. So there is some truth to the thinking that clear spirits are less likely to give you a bad hangover. Though, drinking clear spirits will no doubt still cause a hangover, it just might not be as bad.

The other things going on that cause the hangover are dehydration as the alcohol causes your body to shed water, the weakening of the stomach lining which makes you feel queasy and the lowering of your blood sugar that causes you to feel weak.

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In many cases, people take IV therapies to make their headaches, fatigue, and nausea disappear in the shortest period of time to get back to their normal activities. IV therapy involves a complex of fluids and vitamins, which boosts the immune system and reduces fatigue. One of the effective hangover relief methods is Banana bag IV therapy, which is specially created to cure headaches, hangovers, and alcohol poisoning. Contents of banana bag include unique electrolytes and vitamins that help to eliminate toxins from the body and help to regain energy. If you are hesitant about which IV therapy to take, seek professional help.

Sweat it Out

Do you have a sauna nearby? Then get over there and try to sweat out the toxins. Make sure to drink plenty of water first as you are already slightly dehydrated from the alcohol which is contributing to the problem. 

A sauna is a great way to get the circulation going without having to do too much moving around. You just sit there and let the heat do its thing. Once you have your muscles loose and the blood flowing, then you can also think about doing some stretches afterward to keep it going.

To get the most out of your stretching, use some aromatherapy to perk your senses back up by using some Mala beads by Kumi

Some light exercise that will help get the blood flowing will also help, but chances are that you are too weak to do a full workout. Yoga is good and is usually not too strenuous to do and can help get the blood flowing which will bring some much needed oxygen around your body to lift you back up after losing so much energy from the lower blood sugar.

Eat Right

Some people swear by a big, fatty meal to deal with a hangover. For some reason they think that will help. The truth is that is the worst thing you can eat.

Instead, you need plenty of electrolytes back in your system which includes potassium. Bananas are great for loading up on potassium when you are hungover. And make sure that you are also eating things like sweet potato, and plenty of fruit. The fructose will help to break down the alcohol that is still in your system.

Boosting your gut bacteria will help to get your queasy stomach under control. Eating some fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and pickles will load you up with healthy flora in your gut to help you feel better faster.

The key is to have a good and healthy meal to get your blood sugars back to normal levels. This will keep you from feeling weak and will get your energy back to at least face the day and do the things you need to get done.

Get Enough Sleep

Don’t get up early the next day except to have some water, eat a banana and do some stretching. Then head back to bed. You do actually need to sleep it off so when you wake up you feel better.

If you made the poor decision to go out on a work night, then be prepared to take a sick day to recover. Your work will suffer if you go back too soon and are still hungover. 

Get your B Vitamins

Lots of food have B vitamins but you may not have the time, nor the inclination to eat any. In which case, a supplement is the way to go. These pills and some water will help get those B vitamins back in your system. If you can manage it, take them while you are drinking and it will help you process the alcohol better so it doesn’t dehydrate you as much later.

Hair of the Dog

Yes, there does seem to be some truth that if you have a drink when you are feeling hungover that it will lessen the symptoms. But be careful! Getting drunk again is only going to restart the entire cycle!

Having a small amount of alcohol when you are starting to feel hungover will react with the GABA receptors in your body. Since the hangover is partially caused by alcohol withdrawal, triggering these receptors trick the brain to stop the withdrawal mode.

And the hangover begins by the drop in alcohol levels in the blood, so slowing that drop will also slow the symptoms. This then gives you time to use the other remedies listed here before the pain sets in so you never truly feel hungover. 

The best way forward is to try a few different remedies and see what works best. Taking a little bit of alcohol might work for some but not others.