Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes red patches on your body. It is most commonly found on the knees, elbows and scalp of head.

It is a long-term disease that goes through cycles for a few weeks or months. Its symptoms are very common and include: –

1. Red patches of skin covered with silvery scales

2. Dry and cracked skin that may bleed

3. It is commonly seen in children to make small scaling spots

4. The joints become swollen and stiff

5. The patches feel itching and burning


Psoriasis treatment makes skin cells to stop growing so quickly. The skin cells are then removed from the scales. you may use psoriasis cream and ointment for its medication. There are certain types of therapy which could be used for the treatment of disease.

Topical Therapy


This is a medicine which is used and prescribed by the doctors most frequently. Its forms are available as ointments, gels, psoriasis creams, lotions, foams and shampoos. Its mild concentration is usually recommended for the sensitive areas such as face and skin folds. These medicines should be applied once in a day, or on alternate days. 

Sometimes doctors also prescribe a stronger dose of this cream for the treatment of hay smaller and less sensitive but tougher to treat areas.

But the long-term use of this medicine can make your skin thin because it stops bringing up new cells.

2.Vitamin D analogues

Vitamin D helps over skin cells to grow slow. It causes less irritation on the sensitive areas. But the medicines formed using synthetic forms of vitamin D are quite expensive.

3.Salicylic acid

Shampoos are made from salicylic acid which are used on the scalp to reduce the spreading of red patches over the head. This medicine could be used alone. It enhances the ability of other medications to penetrate the skin more Easily.

4.Coal tar

Coal tar helps our skin from scaling, itching and inflammation. Its various forms are available such as psoriasis creams, shampoo and oils. But Coal tar treatment is not recommended for women who are pregnant. Psoriasis creams are also used for its treatment. 

Light Therapy 

Light therapy could serve treatment for moderate to severe psoriasis. In this therapy natural or artificial light is exposed on the skin to control the amount of the patches. Its repeated treatment is necessary.

1.UVB broadband hey

This is for the treatment of single patches. Its main use is to improve the problem which does not respond to topical treatments. It may have short term side effects like itching and dry skin. But moisturizing the skin regularly can make you help out from this discomfort.

2.UVB narrowband

This therapy is more if active then UVB broadband treatment and has replaced it in many places. It usually takes a time of 2 or 3 times a week. This therapy does not require much maintenance.


Daily a long-time exposure to sunlight may help you improve with this disease. Most of the doctor’s advice this as the safest way to use for its treatment.

4.Excimer laser

this is also a form of light therapy. in this therapy only the affected skin is targeted. It only requires a fewer session Because it only have simple side effects that only have redness and blisters.

Oral Or Injected Medications 

If any of the above treatment have not worked on your kind of psoriasis, then your doctor must have prescribed this kind of medication. This medication is only used for brief. And could be alternated by other treatments.


If you have a few and small but persistent patches of this the doctor advice to get an injection of steroids.


It is used in the form of pills that reduces the production of skin cells. But these drugs are not recommended when any woman is pregnant all breast feeding a baby.


it is usually given as single oral dose weekly. It suppresses the inflammation of skin and helps the skin cells to decrease its production. It sometimes causes the stomach to get upset. The people using this drug for long time needs to get tested or monitored their blood count and liver.

Its usage Must be for 3 Months Maximum.


When taken orally this helps your immune system to get suppress and stop making new cells in an uncertain manner. It could be used continuously for more than a year unlike methotrexate. People taking this kind of drug must be monitoring their blood pressure and kidney function.


These Drugs are given as Injections.

This drug helps our immune system to alter in a way that disrupts the disease cycle.  the symptoms and signs of This disease is lost within weeks. These drugs are given to those patients whose disease does not respond to the above-mentioned therapies. These types of drugs are quite expensive. These kinds of biologics could be used with caution because it suppresses your immune system.

Alternative Medicines

Here are number of therapies given above for curing this disease. But there are several other alternatives that could be used to easily claim the symptoms of psoriasis. These other alternatives may involve special diets, psoriasis creams, dietary supplements and herbs. 

They are considered as safer and reducing the itching and scaling effect in people with moderate to mild disease. You must also avoid triggers for disease such as stress. Here are some more alternative medicines that could be used for the treatment of psoriasis. 

1.Psoriasis cream 

creams are very useful in the treatment of itching and wrestles on the patches.

2.Aloe extract cream

These types of creams are made from the leaves of aloe Vera plant. These creams reduce redness and inflammation of the skin. 

3.Oregon grape

These are also known as barberry. This reduces the severity of the disease.