Approximately 3 billion people, which is more than a third of the world’s population, are under the coronavirus lockdown,  according to the Daily Mail. Amid the global pandemic, countries are forcing their citizens to stay indoors to curb the spread of the virus. Individuals are also self-isolating or social distancing on their own accord. Many of us have asked our domestic helpers to stay in their homes until further notice.

In such circumstances, maintaining tidiness and ensuring your family stays healthy and safe rests on your shoulders. Given that you have to work at home and balance family time, housework can take a toll on you. Fortunately, there are simple tips on how to clean your room and the entire home while in lockdown with your family at home.

Establish a Routine

Managing your household can be challenging if you don’t have a schedule to follow. Start by writing down activities you wish to engage in throughout the lockdown period. Once you have a list of things you want to do, dedicate days and considerable time for each one of them. By establishing a daily routine, you can easily stay on top of your to-do list and keep your home clean and tidy.

Teach Self-isolation Hygiene Measures

If you have a family member practicing self-isolation; you need to come up with a plan to maintain proper hygiene for the entire household. The first step is to designate a self-isolating room. Ensure the windows stay open to increase the flow of fresh air. The infected individual should also have a separate bathroom away from the household to avoid any contact with others. Nonetheless, you can share the washroom as long as you set strict hygiene measures for your entire family.

When taking care of a self-isolating individual, make sure to wear personal protective equipment, such as a medical-grade face mask and quality disposable gloves. Dispose of used equipment properly to prevent the virus from spreading and avoid infection. Observe the necessary hygiene steps after taking off your mask and gloves.

If complete isolation is not possible, make it a rule for the self-isolating individual to use the bathroom after everyone has finished cleaning up. They should also wipe surfaces they have touched with bleach to prevent the virus from spreading. The rest of the family should also practice hygiene habits like washing their hands, keeping a social distance, and sanitizing high-touch areas. Surfaces you should disinfect frequently include bedside tables, kitchen countertops, appliances, gadgets, and lamp switches.

Delegate Household Chores 

Having everyone at home shouldn’t be as stressful as we imagine. You can make staying at home fun and manageable by dividing chores among family members. A rule of thumb is to delegate work based on the age group. For instance, young children can collect and arrange toys in their rooms or fold clothes. You may assign laundry work to teens, as they can handle the washing machine with care.

Alternatively, ask them to clean dishes and wipe the countertops. Involving your children in house chores can help you manage housework while you attend to other tasks. They will also learn the basics of hygiene and maintain cleanliness in the house.

Emphasize Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning carpets is one of the essential tasks that homeowners put off due to limited time. However, it is essential to ensure that flooring is clean, especially now that everyone is indoors. It is worth noting that carpet fibers host all types of allergens, including dust mites, pollen, dust particles, and mold.
For those who have allergies, these pollutants increase the risk of skin irritation, breathing problems, and other health conditions. Besides, maintaining clean carpets is not as complicated as you assume. You can learn easy carpet cleaning tricksand incorporate them into your routine.

Invest in quality carpet cleaning equipment that will last for years to come.  Purchasing the right vacuum and steam cleaners, for instance, makes maintaining carpets less stressful. You can delegate vacuuming or even steam mopping to older children. Teenagers can operate carpet cleaners as long as they follow the safety guidelines provided.

Discourage Unnecessary Use of Cutlery

Most people, especially teens, prefer not to wash dishes because it’s repetitive and time-consuming. Therefore, find practical ways to minimize the use of cutlery. For instance, encourage one person to use one glass throughout the day. Instead of using one glass for drinking water and another for juice or iced tea, everyone should rinse their glasses between uses.

While disposable plates might sound like a great alternative, it can be costly. Therefore, set out fewer dishes you can utilize for every meal. When you have fewer bowls, plates, and spoons, your loved ones will avoid unnecessary use. Following these tactics will also make cleaning utensils easier for anyone.

Block Time for Home Learning 

Kids are notorious for creating messes around the house. They often spread out toys or throw pillows on the floor out of boredom. Consider implementing simple and effective homeschooling tactics to keep your kids busy and productive. A simple timetable will highlight various school activities young ones should take part in daily. Like in a standard school setting, ensure you have a break time. Also, explore their creative side by allowing them to choose the tasks they want to follow each day. Not only will this boost their ability to make smart decisions but also develop a sense of responsibility in their daily chores.

Encourage Play and Entertainment

Staying indoors creates an opportunity to perform tasks that you have been avoiding for an extended period. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have family time. During a crisis like COVID-19, your family can benefit from entertainment and play while maintaining a clean home. There are several indoor fun games for children of all ages you can play along during your free time and turn cleaning into a fun-filled activity.
Managing your house chores in the age of coronavirus is easier than you think. Use your creativity to develop a routine, delegate cleaning tasks, and encourage learning. Also, prioritize your work schedule to increase productivity. If a loved one is self-isolating, provide the necessary care, and keep their rooms clean while practicing health measures like wearing a mask, gloves, and using hospital grade disinfectants. Visit Primo Dental Products and take a look at their great selection of medical-grade equipment like masks and gloves.