If you’re looking to remove your hair using the laser method, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the various technological systems used. Here’s a breakdown of the 5 types of laser hair removal treatments for women: 

Alexandrite Laser Hair Remover 

This is the fastest laser hair removal system there is. Alexandrite laser hair remover will be perfect if you want to do away with the procedure as fast as possible. 

But there is a catch—you’ll have to endure the pain when undergoing the Alexandrite laser hair removal treatment. Be that as it may, lasers aren’t as painful as alternative hair removal systems.

Still, this laser system is ideal for removing large hair regions, thanks to its fast repetition rate. With a longer wavelength, the Alexandrite is a versatile laser hair removal treatment for a wide range of skin types—from Olive skin tones to light skins, not forgetting those with freckles.

Other than the downside of being painful (relatively speaking), the Alexandrite laser hair remover isn’t ideal for darker skin tones. This is because it can cause discoloration. 


  • Fastest system
  • Ideal for removing hair in large regions i.e. legs 
  • Best for Olive skin tone, light skin, and freckled skin 
  • Works best on thin hair 


  • Bad for darker skins, because it can cause discoloration  
  • More painful compared to other laser hair removers 

Nd: YAG Laser System  

This is probably the best laser method, in terms of safety and effectiveness. Unlike other laser methods, the Nd: YAG doesn’t target the skin’s melanin. Rather, it goes straight to the hair follicles. Depending on the location, the lasers may vary, laser hair removal Mississauga area will have different tech compared to the West Palm Beach area.

This is advantageous because it’s the safest method for your skin. Meaning you don’t have to worry about dire, long-term side effects. Therefore, those with darker skin tones have a home in Nd: YAG laser system. 

Also, the laser system needs fewer pulses of energy to achieve its objective. And this attributed to the system’s long wavelength. 

Apparently, this makes it a more comfortable and less painful than the Alexandrite. The long wavelengths are also perfect for removing hair on larger skin regions, including the leg and back. 


  • Safest laser method for your skin 
  • Doesn’t target melanin, hence no worries about long-term skin side effects 
  • It’s less painful than some lasers, such as Alexandrite 
  • Ideal for darker skin tones 
  • Great at removing hair in larger skin areas e.g. back and legs 


  • Not so great at removing fine hair compared to alternative lasers 
  • May require more attention overall 

Diode Laser Hair Removal System 

This is the latest tech on laser hair removal ealing. And it’s preferred for its innovative feature to minimise the risk of epidermal damage. 

Diode lasers use longer wavelengths with rapid repetitions to shorten treatment period. This means there’s less trauma, which ultimately translates to shorter recovery periods. 

The best thing about the Diode laser is that it lets the specialist to customise the treatment as per a specific skin type. The laser system is best for pale to medium and tan skin tone. Diode is also perfect for coarse hair. 

Its biggest downside is the pain you have to go through the hair removal process. Also, being new in the market, its long-term effects are yet to be established.

Nonetheless, the Diode laser is ideal for both thin hair and larger skin areas. This makes it the preferred laser system for women looking to remove hair from their backs. It’s also best for men who want to remove hair from their chests. 


  • It’s the latest tech 
  • Experience is less traumatic 
  • Like Nd: YAG, the Diode laser minimises risk of skin damage 
  • Ideal for pale to medium tanned skin tones 
  • Best for coarse hair e.g. men’s chest hair 


  • Its long-term effectiveness is still under wraps

    Ruby Laser Hair Remover 

This was the first laser removal system, meaning there is enough evidence to back its effects. One of which is the laser’s guarantee on permanent hair removal. 

The Ruby laser is not as painful as the likes of Alexandrite and Nd: YAG. However, the system doesn’t work on darker skin tones. 

Another downside is its antiquated technology, which compels most people to opt for alternative, newer laser methods. 

The tech is a put off because of slow repetitions. Which means you’ll have to undergo several beauty treatments and for a long time. 


  • Was the first laser hair removal technology 
  • Not as painful  
  • Best for thin hair and light skin tones 
  • Great for treating small hair regions 


  • Doesn’t work on darker skins 
  • Slow repetitions, hence longer treatments

    IPL Laser Hair Removal

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. And it’s not a laser system per se, but it’s categorised in the same hair removal technique. 

Its biggest advantage over other lasers is the fact that IPL is not limited to either dark, light skin or medium tan skin tones. 

The tech allows the technician to modify the treatment to a specific skin type. The IPL laser system is easily customisable. 

It’s also great for large skin areas and the process is quick. However, the IPL is not as effective as the Nd: YAG and counterparts. 

Still, if you’re not sold for traditional laser removal methods, the IPL is your preferred option. 


  • IPL doesn’t use laser, so it’s best for individuals unfit for traditional laser hair removal 
  • Easily customisable and works for all kinds of skin types 
  • Great for large skin regions 
  • Treatment is relatively fast 


  • Not as effective compared to Nd: YAG 
  • Shouldn’t be used on skin exposed to sun— can cause pigmentation