The fashion industry is a very dynamic and exciting field. The strengthening of the importance of international fashion networks and the rapid development of brands at this level is one of its main peculiarities at the present. To manage a fashion career at the international level, the knowledge gained in bachelor’s programs may not be enough. Therefore, the leading centers for training specialists in the field of fashion work out the MA programs oriented on a deeper understanding of the fashion industry. One of the most venerable and proven educational centers is the Istituto Marangoni Miami. They offer three advanced MA fashion programs for mastering comprehensive knowledge in the field of the fashion industry: Fashion & Luxury Brand Management, Digital Communication & Social Media Strategy, and Fashion Innovation & Luxury E-Commerce.

Why You May Need a Master’s Degree in Fashion?

Fashion and brand management requires special knowledge and skills that students develop in the process of studying at MA programs:

● knowledge of the full cycle of fashion production from the appearance of a concept to its practical implementation.

● understanding the system and organization of production for tailoring fashionable clothes.

● considering the possibility of automating the design of fashionable clothes and performing routine tasks.

● organizing various forms of fashion shows and media.

● brand promotion taking into account different information environments, including digital as a leading one.

● interaction with competitors and effective methods of persuading the target audience.

Benefits of Getting MA Fashion Degree

Mastering Practical Skills

Education in MA programs is not purely theoretical. It includes internships at leading fashion houses, fashion brands, fashion magazines, and more. In addition, as a graduation project, students prepare real projects that they can use in their careers later. For example, if you are getting an MA in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management, you can develop a blueprint from which you can later create your own brand.

Developing Decision-Making Skills

Taking management positions in the fashion industry, students will have to make decisions that will affect not only their lives. Their investment strategies will determine the fate of dozens, and perhaps even hundreds or thousands of people employed in the operation of fashion brands. Therefore, students need to master the valuable skills of highly qualified specialists:

● the ability to form a strategic vision for brand development and create strategic plans to bring these ideas to life.

● be able to adjust these plans depending on the changing situation.

● adapt their creative ideas to the needs of clients and the mood of the target audience.

Development of Communication Skills

The way to the hearts of consumers lies through the ability to convince them. Professionals must know how to persuade the target audience about the advantages of their products in comparison with similar products of other brands. This requires knowledge of effective methods and channels of communication with their consumers. As part of the MA program, students will be able to master the following professional skills:

● stimulate demand for their products with the help of competent marketing moves.

● develop an attractive and original brand identity that would distinguish it from thousands of similar ones.

● establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other brands, even if they are competitors in the market.

Features of Istituto Marangoni Fashion Masters Programs

Choosing to pursue a master’s degree in fashion at the Istituto Marangoni situated in Miami is ideal for a variety of reasons. Everything captivates students here: from the competent and thoughtful development of educational programs to the very favorable location of the fashion school.

Glorious History of the Institute

The Istituto Marangoni brand has been known all over the world for many decades. Leading the tone of Italian, European and global fashion, it generously shares its knowledge and skills with thousands of students around the world. The Miami School of Fashion was opened not so long ago. However, this was preceded by 85 years of experience in the education of professionals in the fashion industry in Europe and other countries of the world. The school in Miami has already become the tenth educational institution of the Marangoni Institute. The best traditions of teaching disciplines for decades and the continuous adaptation of programs to the challenges of the modern fashion industry give rise to a brilliant synthesis of experience and aspiration for the future. A wide network of branches allows the Marangoni educational community to exchange the most valuable ideas and invite leading experts for teaching.

Variety of Istituto Marangoni Masters Programs

One of the important missions of the institute is to train exactly those specialists who will correspond to the level of development of modern technologies. Therefore, at the Fashion School, significant attention is paid to digital communications and the specifics of conducting marketing campaigns in the digital environment. Students will gain valuable contemporary knowledge:

● how to develop brand promotion strategies in social media

● how to organize luxury e-commerce

● where to draw inspiration for fashion innovation

● how to manage fashion brands

The institute provides two forms of education: in-person and online. If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to spend these wonderful years of study in magnificent Miami, the best specialists of the school will share their knowledge online.

Location In The Heart Of Fashion

It was not by chance that Miami was chosen as the location for one of the educational branches of the Marangoni Institute. This region has long been famous as a center of attraction for designers and representatives of all kinds of arts. Conveniently located on the coast of the ocean in the Miami Design District, it is both relaxing and inspiring. The brightness of the colors of nature and social events is forever imprinted in the memory of students. There are many art galleries, cozy cafes and restaurants in the city, original showrooms, and other places for social communication of creative people. The proximity of Latin America was also extremely important for the founders of the institution since such a location makes the fashion school accessible to residents of both parts of America.

Bottom Line

The years spent at the Miami Fashion School will become a bright starting point for the new career life of high-class professionals. The MA degree obtained from the Institute is highly regarded in the international fashion industry. All doors are easily opened for its graduates, and they constantly return to their Alma Mater to share their valuable practical experience with current students.