Finding the most suitable bra is crucial not only for women to look good, but to feel good as well. Contrary to a common misconception, this form-fitting undergarment is not worn merely to cover the breasts. The right bra can protect the breasts and prevent the occurrence of back pain, poor posture, and many other issues.

Note that the supportive and protective function of brassieres can only be achieved with the right size and style that suits one’s needs. Unfortunately, shopping for the ideal bra can be challenging, particularly for well-endowed women who need the most exceptional breast support.

If you are one of the many larger-busted ladies who want to find the most suitable plus size bras, consider the following tips:

Check the Back Band

It is not uncommon to ignore the type of back band when choosing a bra since most women are concerned about the design of the cups. If you want an undergarment that offers excellent support and prevents unsightly back bulges, you should turn the brassiere around and check the back band.

Opt for plus-size bras with wide back bands since they offer better smoothing in the back area and are less likely to create folds and bulges. One with a leotard back with at least three hook-and-eyes is the right choice given its broad side that offers a remarkable flattening effect. A longline bra with its extended fabric underneath the cups also offers phenomenal breast support and a gorgeous silhouette.

Know the Signs of a Good Fit

According to one survey, 80 per cent of women are wearing ill-fitting bras. Using a bra size calculator can help you determine the correct fit for you.

Since bra size depends on the brand, it is still advisable to try on the bra you are considering to purchase to know if it fits. Here are signs that you found the right size for you:

  • The bra offers excellent breast support and lift, yet still feels comfortable.
  • Your breast fits perfectly inside the cup without any part bulging out at the top or sides.
  • The back strap is providing the needed breast support and not the shoulder straps.
  • The band is well-fitting but not suffocating.

Be Wary of Fitting Issues

Apart from checking the signs of a good brassier fit, try to be wary of the following fitting issues as well. If any of these signs ring true, move on and find another undergarment.

  • Brassiere riding up in your back (bra size is too big)
  • Certain parts of your breast are bulging on top, under, or at the sides of the cups (bra size is too small)
  • Straps are falling even if you adjusted them tightly (cup size is too big)
  • Your breast appears to be sagging (lack of support)
  • Wrinkled bra cup (cup size is too big)
  • Your skin at the back or sides appears reddish (bra size is too big)

Make sure that your plus size bras deliver the ultimate breast support that you need by considering the pointers mentioned above every time you go bra shopping. Keep in mind that wearing the right brassiere will not only make you more comfortable, but it’ll also serve as a confidence boost by offering the best silhouette.