Buying a new build home can be extremely exciting and now more than ever there are huge opportunities to design your dream home.While designing your dream home is an exciting venture, it also opens up opportunities to potentially turn this into a business. If you reside in Georgia and fancy building or designing homes for others, it might be worth understanding how to apply for an LLC in Georgia. This could help turn your passion into a legally structured business. Many communities in the suburbs offer you house and land packages in Queensland that give you the opportunity to design your home on the plot of land that you buy. This article will run you through some design ideas to help you get started. 


One of the easiest ways to plan your dream home is to set yourself a design brief. What are you wanting in your dream home? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Are you wanting a kitchen island? All of these will dramatically change the look and feel of your house. Having a list of certain features that you want in your home and then you can focus your design. 


One of the main considerations that you have to make is which style you would like your home to be in. Would you like a traditional style or a more contemporary house? You could look at a style that is more like a Georgian townhouse or a stately home. Picking your style early on in your design will allow you to work out your cost and materials. 


Where is your light going to come from? When designing your home, you should be aware of where the natural light comes from. Are you going to have large windows that can let in lots of light? Or lots of smaller windows that keep in the heat. All these considerations need to be taken. Equally, is your house orientated to face the sun? All of these will impact how much you design your windows and what kind of lighting you will require. 

Interior Design

You should think of your entire home as one room. You will no doubt travel between each room at some point so you want them to flow. You could have each room distinctly different from the last but sharing the same color palette or have them all a similar color. It always helps as well if you have certain feature pieces that you want to stand out. Something like a piece of art can be used to design an entire room. A home can be made or broken by poor design choices so take your time to pick your theme and then stick with it. 


The joy of the modern world. Nothing makes life simpler than having a handy app that can bring all of your ideas to life without having to go through the hassle of having an expert illustrator or committing to a design-build. There are so many out on the market that can create 3d models and floor plans that you can decorate. Some will even allow you to import furniture and move it around. You could design a model house and let your structural engineer take on the heavy lifting.

Selecting your Team 

Getting your design team in place early on is essential to the success of your dream home. You will need as a minimum an architect, builder, designer, landscape architect, and even a lawyer. Each of these people will be looking out for your best interest, as well as their own, but each will have a different vantage point on the situation. 

No doubt each will have valuable input into the project. From the orientation of the house towards the sun, zoning, area coverage, legal restrictions to how pretty and aesthetically pleasing you can get the project to be. Whilst each is valuable, you need to make sure that you can square up to each aspect into your perfect home. 


This is something that you need to be consistently considering. The bigger and bolder your plans, the longer it will take to construct. The longer it takes to construct the more money it will cost. Equally, you need to consider the time of your workmen and your project employees. They may not be able to commit to a long-term project where you continually change the outcome. Work within a set timeline and stick to stringent deadlines. 

Communication and Transparency 

As the project grows and continues, you must stay in the loop with all of the various parties. Schedule regular meetings with the spokesman from each team and ask for regular updates. You can use utilize technology to do this. Texting and email are effective, but it is even more effective to use video calls so that you can speak face to face.

Equally, ask for transparency from your construction department. Make sure that you know the costs of changes to the plan and make sure that you agree with any adjustments. As well as this ask if you can see digital plans of the final product so that you can visualize the goal. Establishing communication patterns is essential to getting your project complete to a high degree.

What you Need and Adjustments

Compromise is not something that people like to hear when it comes to dream homes but unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary. Not everything you think of can be incorporated into your plan and not all of it will be needed. Listen to the advice of the people around you and express your ideas as simply as you can and prioritize which ones are the most important to you. It is important to know what you need, what you want, and what you can achieve. 

Designing your Dream Home

This is a huge decision for you so take your time and plan it. Don’t rush into a decision that you will regret. Make the most of the technology that is available to you and speak to experts. Ask lots of questions and make sure that you impress on them your ideas of what you want. Be prepared to adjust but make sure you get what you want. Always remember that designing your own home can be a lot of fun, so enjoy the process.