A person’s well-being, mood, and ability to work largely depend on how well he sleeps. Comfortable and restful sleep is ensured by a competent selection of bed linen. Which material for the sheet is better to choose depends on several criteria.

When choosing bed linen, the best like hotel quality sheets @thebedspreadshop,  you need to pay attention to the following properties, which will simplify caring for it and give you a comfortable sleep:

  • wear resistance and strength;
  • durability;
  • level of surface and linear density;
  • product weight;
  • hygroscopic properties and ease of ironing and washing;
  • tactile sensation and appearance.

All these properties depend on the material from which the textiles are made. Each of the materials has certain physical characteristics and appearance, so it will not be superfluous to study all their types.

The best sheets materials


The best option for sewing bed sheets is cotton fabrics. Cotton products are environmentally friendly, absorb well and quickly remove moisture let air in, optimize the temperature in bed, do not cause allergies and skin irritations, and accumulate static electricity. The disadvantage is the possibility of shrinkage for a couple – three of the first washings.


An expensive elite material, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and very beautiful, with a shining iridescent surface, with the ability to “breathe”, absorb moisture, and regulate temperature. Silk sheets are not suitable for daily use but are ideal for romantic dates.

Silk sheets are considered one of the noblest. It is light, thin, and pleasant to the touch. In addition, silk does not cause allergies, therefore it is suitable even for children.

Egyptian Cotton

It is from it, long-staple Egyptian cotton, that 70% of hotel bedding is made. Products are soft and pleasant to the body, hygroscopic and vapor-permeable, do not cause allergies, retain their appearance and properties well even after frequent and numerous washes.

Such material is quite expensive, but due to its high strength and wear resistance, the cost of purchasing beds is cut in half.


Smooth shiny silky beautiful dense weave fabric, strong and durable, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. The seamy side of the satin sheet is rough, so the product adheres well to the mattress or mattress topper. Sleeping on such linen is not hot, but it is not recommended to use it for winter.


The best fabric for a sheet. Made from fibers created from shredded bamboo stalks. The products are environmentally friendly, do not cause allergies, remove static electricity, and prevent bacteria and fungi growth.


A dense and durable linen sheet allows air to pass through and absorbs moisture, is characterized by hygiene – microorganisms and fungi do not multiply on its surface. The material itself is somewhat hard and rough, which provides a light massage effect for the body, but excludes the use of fabric for sewing children’s underwear. Disadvantage – linen products wrinkle strongly and are difficult to iron.

Influence of Quality Sheets on Peoples’ Health

Influence of Quality Sheets on Peoples’ Health

In choosing a sheet, the choice of colors plays an important role. If we talk about the color, then, first of all, the owner of the kit should like it. Psychologists say that the color of bedding can affect a person’s sleep. Therefore, for those people who are restlessly sleeping, tossing, and turning in their sleep, sometimes it is enough to change the kit. The colors that induce good sleep are white, blue, pink, yellow, green. If we talk about baby bedding, then it should be interesting and attract attention. It is known that it is very difficult to persuade little fidgets to go to bed. Bright, but non-aggressive colors, bed linen will attract their attention. Sets can be decorated with embroidery, scenes from your favorite cartoons, images of animals. 

The “white” standard in hotel service dates back to the 90s when Westin hotels first popularized them. It was then that almost all hotels began to choose white for linen, towels, bathrobes, and slippers.

When choosing bed linen, you need to remember that a person spends about a third of his life in bed. And you need to make sure that at this time he feels as comfortable as possible. Clean sheets made from natural materials and calm colors – all this is the key to not only sound but also healthy sleep, which is so lacking in modern people.

Sheets Care Rules

Fresh linens are the best for a good night’s sleep. To keep the sheet in good condition, there are some rules of thumb to take care of your bedding.

  1. Be sure to wash new bedding at least twice before sleeping on it;
  2. Use a suitable and quality detergent for washing your laundry. Look at the labels for what material this or that product is suitable for. Low-quality detergents can damage fabrics and leave streaks;
  3. Choose detergents that do not cause you allergies. Otherwise, fragrances can cause skin irritation and allergies. This will significantly impair the quality of your sleep.

How to Choose the Size of the Sheet?

It is usually recommended to take products according to the size of the berth + 10-20 cm (but no more) on each side to fix the sheet and create the necessary stretch for a comfortable sleep. It should also be remembered that folds over 20 cm can be too large, crumple during use, and even interfere with making the bed. For beds with a mattress, you should also throw on a double mattress height for the sheet in addition to the fold (since the sheet will fold under the mattress on both sides).

The Bottom Line

So in this article, we have sorted out the criteria by which you can choose premium quality sheets as in hotels. Paying attention to them, you will be able to extend the life of your bed linen, keep it fresh and enjoy it every day! Many people underestimate the importance of good quality sheets. However, once sleeping on such, they never settle for less.