Women have been fighting for equality for many years. Now women have become equal to men – they manage companies, international organizations and states, drive not only cars, but planes and spaceships.

Unfortunately, female alcohol consumption also became as common as male one. Ten years ago, the ratio of women to men seeking women’s drug rehabilitation was 1:12 – 1:10, now it has increased to 1:4. And in Europe, this indicator already reaches 1:3 – 1:2.

One more problem of women suffering from alcoholism is that it’s overgrown with a huge number of myths. Some women’s rehab centers also make mistakes and are affected by such stereotypes. In this article, we collected the most common myths on female alcoholism and women’s drug rehabilitation, so that you could find the best female rehabs near me

Does the term “female alcoholism” exist?

This is the very first mistake, such a disease does not exist in the International Classification of Diseases. Yes, the course of this pathology in women of the weaker sex has its own characteristics, but there is no reason to say that it is an independent disease.

A woman who drinks is a loser who has fallen down?

Problems with alcohol can occur not only in homeless people, but also in successful women. Regular alcohol abuse gradually destroys the personality, and after a few years the “cool businesswoman” differs from the homeless person, perhaps only by expensive makeup and clothes. Nothing more.

Does genetics play a decisive role in the development of alcoholism in women?

Up to 76 percent of relatives of a drinking woman also drink. A daughter of an alcoholic has a 4 times higher risk of developing alcoholism than a son. Recent studies show that 90% of daughters abuse alcohol, 45% of sons.

Do women drink only “noble” drinks?

There is no difference – with which drink a person begins their alcoholic journey. It can be cocktails, dry wines, vermouths, and vintage cognacs. Any alcoholic, regardless of gender and age, ends their hobby with high alcoholic drinks like vodka as the most effective drink in terms of the “dose-effect” ratio.

Do women become addicted faster?

This statement is correct. Indeed, it takes an average of three years for a woman to develop addiction, while the disease can develop for decades in a man. This is related to the peculiarities of the structure of the female body. Lower water content in the body and lower body weight lead to the fact that, other things being equal, there is a higher concentration of alcohol in the blood. In addition, cyclic fluctuations of the hormonal background are also affected – during premenstrual syndrome, when many women feel tension, irritability, anxiety, alcohol is better absorbed from the stomach, which leads to greater intoxication at the end of the menstrual cycle.

Does alcoholism develop later in women?

On average, it develops at the age of 26, while in men – at the age of 23. But the disease progresses faster in women, and they are forced to seek treatment after 7 years, while men “hold on” almost twice as long – 16 years.

Is drinking only the fate of men?

This is also the fate of women. Regular alcohol consumption is typical for men, and a periodic form of abuse is observed among female alcoholics in 82 percent of cases, which is called binge drinking. They can last for 1-2 months, alternating with equally long light intervals.

Do women try to overcome stress with the help of alcohol?

This is a man’s way of relieving stress. Stress usually eats women. As research shows, among working housewives, the percentage of those who abuse alcohol is the lowest, but among childless housewives, it is obscenely high.

Do women drink alone?

A man often drinks away from home, usually he needs company and an excuse. Due to social and psychological taboos, a woman hides her drunkenness, drinks secretly so that no one sees.

Is alcoholism more difficult for women than for men?

On the contrary, a woman tolerates a hangover more easily, all symptoms are less intense. But this is a kind of trap. Due to the more favorable course of the disease, women turn to narcologists later than men. Often this happens when alcoholism is already approaching the third stage, and it is very difficult to help the patient.

Is female alcoholism incurable?

Any alcoholism is completely incurable. This diagnosis is lifelong. You can stop drinking, and the remission will last exactly as long as alcohol does not enter the body. The first sip of alcohol will lead to a breakdown in the abyss of the disease. Observations show that the treatment of alcohol-dependent women in women only treatment centers is even more successful than the treatment of men. The natural endurance of the body allows patients to enter long-term remissions. 

Does a woman who abuses alcohol not want to give up her bad habit?

In the vast majority of cases, she physically cannot do this, because alcoholism is not a habit, but a serious disease. Ethyl alcohol is incorporated into the metabolism once and for all, and if physical dependence on alcohol occurs, only a doctor can help overcome it. And individuals can get rid of psychological dependence on their own.