Jewelry has always been a representative of grace and luxury, and its shining and gorgeous light has been a popular object since ancient times. Royal custom name necklace has always been a model of world-class gorgeous jewelry. Today, let’s take stock of that famous royal jewelry unparalleled value

Princess Margaret-“Diamond Brooch” Crown

Princess Margaret, who was well-loved has many pieces of jewelry, the most famous of which is this “diamond brooch” crown.

The diamonds on the crown are all ground according to the old-fashioned cutting method, with the theme of the scroll setting. The most amazing thing is that this luxurious crown can be split into a yin yang necklace (click here to see) and eleven gorgeous brooches and each brooch is based on Margaret’s “M”. It is currently valued at approximately $ 344.448.

Queen Elizabeth II-“Aquamarine” Crown

At the 1953 Coronation of Elizabeth II, the President of Brazil presented the Queen with a huge sapphire diamond necklace and matching earrings. In 1958, the Brazilian president gave her matching custom name bracelets and brooches, and Elizabeth II added this suit to the crown created before, and it has become what we see today.

Elizabeth II-“British Girl Crown” Headdress

This crown is the most important symbol of imperial power. The crown is inlaid with up to 3,000 various gems, the most famous of which is the Bright Mountain diamond. The crown is composed of gold and semi-precious stones. This crown was dedicated to the coronation of the new monarch, and it was also the crown used by Elizabeth II.

Princess Monaco-“Boundless Falls” Necklace

Married to the Prince of Morocco, Charlene Wittstock has the title of princess and the hostess of luxury jewelry in the Monaco royal family.

This monogrammed necklace is made of 1237 diamonds, 6 giant pearls and 18k rose gold. With the theme of dreamy circles of ripples and the style of hanging down like a waterfall, therefore got the name “Boundless Waterfall” full of dreams.

Queen Margaret of Denmark-Emerald Set

The emerald-encrusted crown and the entire set of jewelry are part of the crown of the king, so this set of jewelry is not allowed to leave Danish territory, and the queen has never worn this set of engraved necklace outside Denmark.

Queen Elizabeth II-Crown of the Duchess of Russia

Earlier this crown belonged to the Duchess of Russia, and its name also came from the lady’s name Vladimir. In 1917, a young English noble stole it from a palace in St. Petersburg. In 1921, Queen Mary bought the crown. The pearl was removable, so Queen Elizabeth replaced it with emerald.

The beauty of gemstones is incomparable. Its own value and inherent peculiarity are also doomed to its innate charm. After thousands of years of vicissitudes, it has not shaken its status but has become increasingly appreciation, so good things are worth being owned, and they can stand up to time. This were different royal jewelry unparalleled value in the world.