Dental school can be challenging, but it’s all worthwhile in the end because you get to become a highly trained dental professional and make a positive impact, helping people to maintain good oral health, relieve pain and discomfort, and improve their smiles. You also learn the ability to detect and prevent serious health conditions, such as oral cancer and gum disease. 

Besides gaining as much knowledge as possible, one of the most effective ways to advance in your career as a dentist is by networking whether you want to perform dental implants in White Plains or move to Europe for academia; something that can be started while you’re still at school. Here are 7 networking tips to do just that. 

Attend Career Fairs 

If you see booths of different dental practices handing out fliers, food, and goody bags, head that way! Attending career fairs is not just a way to explore potential career opportunities, but it’s also an excellent way to network with potential employers face-to-face and even other interested students. 

To network at career fairs, try: 

  • Dressing professionally to make a positive first impression on potential employers 
  • Asking relevant and thoughtful questions that demonstrate your knowledge about the industry 
  • Taking notes to remember important details, such as the names of the people you spoke with, and the position they hold 

At all times, be respectful of the recruiter’s time and be authentic in your communication.


If you can, why not help others and help yourself at the same time? Volunteering regularly in areas around your school means a good chance of meeting people you can network with that will ultimately help your career. 

When networking while volunteering, keep in mind that:

  • Volunteering is not just about networking. Don’t let your focus on networking overshadow your commitment to helping 
  • Your actions speak louder than words. Show up on time, follow through on your commitments, and work hard while you’re volunteering
  • You should be strategic. Focus on building relationships with people who share your interests and goals, careerwise

Utilize Social Media 

If you have a lot on your plate – which is expected for dental school – utilizing social media to network is an excellent idea. Networking on social media offers flexibility, a wide reach, accessibility, and engagement. 

To network on social media: 

  • Choose the right platforms. LinkedIn is a popular platform for professional networking, but you may also find value in platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram
  • Your profiles should be professional and complete, including a profile photo, bio, and relevant experience 
  • Comment on posts, share relevant content and participate in industry conversations
  • Join groups and communities related to specific industries or interests that can provide you with opportunities to connect with like-minded people 

Establish Personal Connections With Faculty Members

Faculty members are some of the most knowledgeable and well-connected people you’ll meet during your time in dental school – and beyond! So, it’s definitely worth trying to get to know them on a more personal level. Maybe arrange a one-on-one meeting here or there where you can chat about your career goals. You can also ask for some advice or solicit feedback on how you’re doing.

Of course, when it comes to networking with faculty members, there are a few things that will help make those interactions go over smoothly:

  • Be sure to show genuine interest in their work and research. Asking insightful questions goes a long way!
  • Stay respectful and professional at all times.
  • Don’t just disappear once you’ve got what you need out of them. Keep checking in periodically so that those relationships have the chance to continue growing over time!

Participate in Professional Organizations

If you’re looking to grow your professional network as a dentist, joining industry organizations like the American Dental Association can be a really smart move. These groups give you access to tons of other dental professionals all around the country. They also offer events like workshops, seminars, and conventions where you can meet new people.

Of course, when it comes to networking with folks at these kinds of events, there are some things that will make your interactions more successful:

  • Don’t just show up. Try taking on active roles within these organizations, too, like serving on committees or leading projects.
  • Make an effort to engage with guest speakers and other attendees at each event.
  • Once the event is over, don’t forget to reach out again! Following up afterward can help establish those long-lasting professional relationships that are so critical for success in any field.

Take Advantage of Alumni Networks

When it comes to getting your dental career off the ground, alumni from your school can be an amazing resource. They’ve been where you are before and can offer up all sorts of great advice based on their own experiences. Plus, they might even have some sweet job leads or mentoring opportunities for you too!

If you want to make the most of these connections, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • See if your school has an alumni association. Joining up could give you access to lots of valuable resources.
  • Attend any alumni events that come up and chat with folks! You never know who you might meet.
  • Check out those alumni databases. Reaching out directly to people working in fields that interest you is a fantastic way to start making those connections for yourself!

Engage in Research Opportunities

Getting involved in research can be a fantastic way to build relationships with all sorts of people. They can be faculty members, your peers, and even other professionals outside of school! These connections could wind up being super valuable down the line as you pursue your career.

If you want to really get the most out of networking while doing research, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pick a project that’s right up your alley and has you stoked about getting started.
  • Be sure to collaborate effectively with anyone else working on it. Show off what makes you unique!
  • Don’t forget that academic conferences and meetings can be great opportunities for meeting new people too! Sharing your work is an awesome way to connect with others who are doing cool stuff in your field.

Remember that networking is not about using people for your gain, but rather about building mutually beneficial relationships. Try out these tips to network in dental school.