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The business training and organizational behavior industry has changed significantly in part due to the significant effect the pandemic has had on learning as a whole.

With a whopping rise in online learning platforms and courses, the education industry had to endure a major shift to make online-first learning available. 

Keeping up with this acceleration, online learning technology has only been advancing more. 

Here are some amazing online training business trends that you should know in 2023:

1. Controlled Simulations

One of the fields that were impacted the most due to the pandemic and the difficulties brought along with it was the science field. 

The cessation of in-person learning created a classroom environment where students could not go to labs to run experiments or even go outside to collect samples for their research.

Spending time in the lab is essential to getting ready for a career in the sciences and not being able to conduct experiments can have a detrimental effect on the quality of education.

This is why more and more online training platforms are introducing a controlled simulation feature. 

For example, students are learning how to do titrations online where they have a virtual bench with apparatus that they can drag, drop, add, and interact with.

While this technology is quite innovative, the effectiveness of the method is often questioned. Does doing a titration on a virtual simulation really help understand scientific concepts? Can you really learn valuable medical skills such as stitching up a cut through a simulation?

2. Social Media Mini Tutorials

With the rise in social media usage and video-based social platforms, the social media mini tutorial is an increasingly popular way to consume learning material. 

These types of tutorials start with one basic problem that many people face and attempt to suggest a solution in 60 seconds.

This is a growing trend as these types of videos do well on social platforms and can usually apply to any field from education to e-commerce and even graphic art. 

With shorter attention spans and overwhelming availability of content, online training provided in this format is more beneficial to students as it does not necessarily feel like learning.

However, just like any other format, there are downsides to this method too. Firstly, not everyone is looking to learn when they are on social media so people might watch a tutorial but not learn anything from it.

Secondly, this format is great for short-form content but tutorials can quickly get too complex to cover in just a couple of minutes. While you can upload longer videos to these platforms now – the attention spans still remain shorter.

This is why most people use these types of videos to teach extremely basic functionalities or just cool hacks instead of in-depth learning.

3. In-app Loyalty And Achievement Rewards

It seems like these days every single company has its own app whether it is a government-owned public library or an online language learning platform. Having an app is great, but getting people to use it is the hard part.

This is exactly why online training and education platforms are increasing their investment in in-app features like loyalty rewards and login achievements. 

These features offer an incentive for the user to log in every day and maintain their learning streak. This helps training platforms maintain their user base and active members.

Additional features include badges and achievements that unlock different milestones that users reach such as logging in every day for a whole month, placing first in a competition with friends, etc.

These types of features also usually lead users to be more likely to turn on notifications as well as click on them when they do come up. 

For instance, users that are serious about their streaks will not want to lose them, they will log in to the app when it sends a notification that the streak is about to break.

4. Skill-specific Certifications

Another major trend in many industries now is skill-specific training and certifications. 

Platforms that specialize in online training now offer specific training resources for students to gain skill-specific certifications such as CRM or Logo Design.

Where you would usually get a degree in Business or Graphic Design, certifications now allow learners to specialize in one skill to either make a career pivot or start a job doing that one thing.

This is a great trend for people that were not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma. Many such people go back to complete their GED and then complete a skill-specific certification course to get started in a career path.

The barrier to entry in many fields such as software engineering or content marketing has been greatly reduced due to this growing trend. 

More and more companies are starting to realize the importance of these courses and hiring people with these skills instead of rejecting them for not having a bachelor’s degree.

5. AI-powered Assessments

There is no way to talk about technology in 2023 without mentioning AI and how it is changing yet another industry. Online training businesses are now using AI-powered assessments to evaluate a student’s understanding of a subject.

The most popular way that these assessments work is by users asking the AI feature to quiz them on the information they are trying to learn and assess their mastery of it. 

The chatting environment also makes it seem like you are not learning but texting someone which is why it can be a rather attractive feature for a learner.


While online learning was not a new concept, the shift to online-first learning was severely accelerated due to the lockdown.

These are just some of the most amazing trends that we have noticed, and we promise to update you with new ones as they come up!