Selection of the essay topic has become an important aspect of scoring well in schools, colleges, and Universities. The general advice here would be; to focus on selecting a topic you are interested in. But at the same time, you must also focus on topics of your teacher’s interest. This can fetch you extra apart from your own quality and hard work behind the work.

This is the secret to scoring extra. Yes, you got it right. We discuss the essay topic that sparks the interest of your teacher.

What Makes A Good Topic (From A Teacher’s Perspective)

You can write on hundreds and thousands of topics. You can write about this world, some other world, and beyond. But remember, there is a limit to your knowledge and even your imagination. So understanding the topic becomes a crucial aspect of essay writing.

The same is applicable to even your learned professor. They can not have the same interest as all the subjects on this planet.

For instance, if you write about the recent topic of the Russia and Ukraine war, your teacher may like it as it interests them to the core. But if you write about Cryptocurrency, the person may or may not be the same. Therefore understanding your preference and the teacher’s interest is necessary to get good scores in school and college essays. Let’s discuss some of the essay topics that can spark the interest of your teacher.

1. Research Research And Research 

Select such a topic on which you can invest hours in research. Research scholars always like to write on good topics. So you can get valuable resources on the internet. Select the topic on which you can make use of statistical data and other scholastic information.

For example, you consider the topic, “The role of motivation in increasing the output in a manufacturing plant.” While writing the essay, you can use theories like Maslow’s, Hierarchy of Needs, Victor Brooms’s Expectancy Theory, and Campbell’s Theory of Performance to write on the Argument. Therefore with research, academic study, and inferences, you can do it much better.  Take notes from quality essays from a professional essay writing service, Fresh Essays  to have a stronger grip on things.

2. Topics Must Support The Argument 

Without an argument, there is no essay. An essay without argument is nothing but a story. You would not want it, for sure. Therefore, the topics must be selected so that there is a scope for argument. They engage the level of interest of the teacher.

When you write an essay, remember that the ending of a paragraph must have a link to the following paragraph. You can do it only when your approach and writing style are argumentative. You can do it best with an argumentative topic. Let’s discuss it with an example; the topic title is “Solar lights and their role in making business sustainable.”

Here you can write on Carbon emission and support it with statistical and empirical data to prove your point. Having said that, you can also raise the issue of costs that prevent the technology from becoming common.

3. Staying Away From Politics

Choose not to select any topic that is related to politics. You might be taking the risk of selecting the topic, but not everyone will have the same viewpoint as yours. Try to understand that politics is not something that academic professionals like to see on the paper. It can bring up triggering thoughts, and you might inadvertently offend the other person.

These topics raise unnecessary debates which are not necessary for an academic circle. We are giving an example in the form of one topic, “Communism or Capitalism- which is the pathway of peoples’ welfare?.” Now you have to either choose one ideology or write it in a balanced way.

Whatever your approach might be, you might not please the teacher. Your choice might not convince him\her who believes in one ideology. Hence, it is smart to stay away from the topic as much as possible.

4. Current Affairs Or Recent Events

Every learned person likes current affairs. As a section of society, you must know what’s going on all around the world at this moment. For example, considering the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia can be a good topic.

It is because the war indirectly affects global oil prices in particular and the economy in general. Here you have the scope of discussing the flow of diplomatic channels between countries.

Apart from this, you can also write about how one nation can engage with another government. These topics are interesting and can raise the attention of teachers and students alike. Therefore topics based on the current affair can be good ones.

5. Personal Aspect In A Topic 

When writing an essay, it would be highly interesting to give a personal account of it. Please remember that personal accounts not only widen the expanse of the discussion but also attribute a sense of the writer’s belonging and engagement with the topic.

One of the most important elements of good writing is the personal touch, meaning how the event affects your life…you have to touch upon that point. The end results of this approach are clarity, narrative quality, and interest.

Teachers and professors are also human beings who like to read and tread on those deeply personal layers of your thought. If you select such a topic, you can add a personal touch.

The Topic That Can Spark The Teachers’ Interest- Example 

In this section, we provide you with a few topics that can spark the interest of your teacher.

  • Application of Technology in Schools, Colleges, and Universities.
  • What factors contribute to a child’s cognitive development?
  • Remote working: Pros and Cons.
  • Body shaming is one of the vices of the present society. How can the problem be addressed?
  • The Most Common Fallacies of video gaming.
  • How can you overcome anxiety and stress in your life?
  • The role of media and its significance in fighting against anorexia.
  • Do Immigrants positively and negatively affect the growth of a country?

Closing The Discussion

Remember that your essay must evoke a level of engagement and interest. Therefore you have to be mindful of the selection of the essay.

Teachers have their own thoughts, ideas, ideals, philosophy of life, and basic personalities- they are human beings. Your essay topic can not be like a supermarket, a one-stop for all. So you have to be mindful of the selection of essay topics right from the beginning. This one might help you.