Does your boyfriend need a style update? What should you buy for them? Read on to learn how to shop for your boyfriend.

You’ve heard it before, “men hate shopping“.

If you hate your boyfriend’s wardrobe, perhaps this comes as no surprise to you. Rather than spending some time in the changing room, does your man buy any random item that looks “ok”?

If your boyfriend needs a style update, read on. We can help you figure out how to shop for your boyfriend!

Start a Conversation

Changing your boyfriend’s style and shopping for him can be a touchy subject. It’s likely that your boyfriend either really cares about fashion or he really doesn’t.

Either way, meddling in his wardrobe choices may cause him to feel upset, confused, or annoyed.

So, rather than simply buying him new clothes, sit down and have a conversation about his style. Ask questions such as:

  • What is your style inspiration?
  • Do you like your clothes?
  • Which are your favorite pieces?
  • Would you consider trying a few items that I think would look good?

By starting a dialogue, he will know that you would like to help him change his style and may be more receptive to letting you try.

Create a Mood Board with Your Man

Walking around shops and trying on clothes may not be something your boyfriend considers fun. Or, it may be something he prefers to do alone.

So, start off with a simple activity which he can do sitting down. Ask him to show you the clothes that he loves.

Perhaps pull out a bunch of magazines and rip out any pictures he points out. Or, why not load up Pinterest and use this to create a collage?

Once you’ve come up with many different items that he likes, ask him EXACTLY what it is that he likes. Is it the colors, textures, overall look, cut or “vibe”?

When you have this down, create a mood board of looks that you would like to see him wearing. Do any of them strike a chord with him?

Measurements are KEY

When we’re in a store, it’s easy to say “that’s good enough”. But, if you want clothes to look great for a long time, you need to ensure that they fit perfectly.

Take your boyfriend to a tailor or measure him yourself. Retake your measurements a few times to ensure that they are correct.

Then, keep these on your phone ready for when it’s time to start shopping!

If you feel agitated with the fact that your partner is not in shape then gift him a Gym membership along with supplements like total shape and push him to get along with both. Clothes looks better on those who are in good shape.

Set a Realistic Budget

Looking good certainly isn’t cheap! However, it’s worth investing in high-quality pieces that last longer.

By doing this, your man also doesn’t need to go shopping as often. So, sit down together and come up with a reasonable budget.

Perhaps you can only buy a few pieces now but create a “wish list” for later. It’s worth saving up some money to be able to afford exactly what you want, rather than skimping and buying a cheaper product.

Buy Basics Online

If you hate your boyfriend’s wardrobe, then you need to shop for your boyfriend by buying him basics that you both like.

Ask him to help you choose the clothes he likes online. Look for some great quality pieces.

Basics include a great pair of jeans, plain shirts, socks (without holes in!), underwear, and a sweatshirt or knitwear.

Ordering online means you don’t need to head into a shop. You can show your boyfriend what you are going to buy online for him to approve. Then, when the pieces arrive, he can try them on in the comfort of his own home.

Doing most of the work will help ensure you are guiding your boyfriend into a wardrobe that looks good on him.

Look Out for Stylish Pieces Over Time

It’s likely that, if your boyfriend now has some high-quality basics, he’s already looking better than ever before.

But, it’s now time to focus on the key, stylish pieces that bring a look together. You should both look for these pieces over time.

Perhaps you want to buy your boyfriend some snake-skin boots? Or, what about a cool hat? Maybe he personally doesn’t like these ideas, but if you see something perfect, double-check the return policy and ask him to try your favorite item on.

You never know, he may be surprised by your taste. Alternatively, look out for items that aren’t outside of his comfort zone but are better quality than he would usually buy.

This doesn’t mean you have to be buying designer items, but visit stores which are known for having garments that last a long time. Also, ask about the warranty – this will keep a wardrobe looking fresh for longer.

If you are into designer labels, then make sure to shop here for some stunning items.

Time for the Big Reveal

Once you and your man are happy with his new style, why not show him off? You can both get dressed up, get your hair done, and feel good about yourselves.

Then, head out for dinner together and make sure you take lots of photos! Or, why not go out with friends and family?

Hopefully, they will notice all of your hard work and appreciate that your man is now looking better than ever.

Remember, being stylish is an attitude. Walk tall with your head held high and you’ll look confident, sexy, and stylish!

How to Shop? Don’t Give Up!

Liking your personal sense of style is a great feeling and will help you be more confident. Hopefully, you’ve managed to bestow this wonderful feeling on your boyfriend too.

If he’s still wondering how to shop for your boyfriend, why not prepare a list of websites that he should check out next time he wants to buy clothes?

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