Do you just get into a job that requires handling food? If so, you should know that it’s not just about serving Food to the customers, but you should also update your knowledge of the rules and regulations for the state you work in. 

Illinois is one of the states in the U.S. that requires a food handler certificate. And if you are working in a restaurant, fast food, catering, hotel, or any establishment serving Food, know that you can benefit from food handler training. 

So, what do you think are the benefits of a food handler certificate in Illinois? How does it help employees or restaurant owners like you to thrive in your job? That’s what you’re going to learn from this article. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Understanding a Food Handler Certificate in Illinois 

The Food Handler Certificate Illinois is very important if you’re working in the food industry. This is to protect yourself and your clients from getting sick. You will learn the best practices when handling Food, as well as maintaining the safety of Food. 

Everyone should be aware that Foodborne illnesses can be quite serious and may result in hospital admission or even death. This illness still occurs these days, as many people get sick, are hospitalized, or, worst, die from Foodborne diseases every year. 

That’s why people working in the food industry should be educated on the proper handling of Food. Having a standard such as Food Handling Certification Illinois mitigates foodborne illness cases. So, while you are obtaining the Food Handler Certification Illinois, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Protect yourself, your colleagues, and customers from harm 
  • Prevent any Foodborne illness, such as Food Poisoning 
  • You can use safe procedures or food safety in storing, preparing and serving Food in a proper manner
  • Importance of good hygiene and how the illness should be prevented with good grooming and use of equipment 
  • Recognize and understand symptoms of the infectious disease, as well as Foodborne illnesses that will keep you from working 
  • Correct ways of cleaning and sanitizing to ensure the environment is safe 
  • Understand how illness is spread through Food and how bad practices could contaminate Food 

What are the Benefits of Food Handler Certification Illinois? 

There are a lot of benefits when hiring certified food handlers for businesses. Of course, the customers’ well-being is on top of the list, together with the business’s reputation. That said, it’s nice to know employers are willing to pay more for employees to earn a certification. 

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of a Food Handler Certificate.

1. You will Get Hired Fast

It’s a great edge when applying for a job because employers would choose over those who already have certificates. So, if you want to start a career in the food industry, then know that safety training is required. 

2. Protects Businesses 

It will protect the reputation of businesses by providing a safe Food handling service. It even goes deeper than protecting the image of the public to boost the industry’s credibility as a whole. 

3. Easy to Apply 

The Food Handler Certificate can be completed within a day. Or it may also take more days to complete. The good thing is that this course is available online and would only take a few hours to complete. 

4. Easy to Renew 

The certificate is also very easy to renew when it expires. As soon as it’s near the expiration, you don’t have to waste your time anymore, as 360training is there to help you. 

5. Validity of Certificate 

Most certificates for food handlers are only valid for three years only. However, the actual term varies locally on the health board or the regulatory organizations. When you get the certificate, its validity will be printed, and you may also go to the online verification site to check. 

Does Law require the Training? 

Because outbreaks and Food borne illnesses can happen so fast, food handler training has always been required by the Law in most states. This simply means that workers can’t handle food services without a valid proof of Training. In addition to that, a lot of states require to always keep the food handler cards updated. And this is through renewing them at legally defined intervals. 


Because of proper Training, food handlers would gain skills and knowledge that will not only protect the public or themselves from getting diseases. It comes with a lot of benefits. One day you will thank yourself for obtaining the certificate. 

You should be prepared to take advantage of many job opportunities in the food service industry. It will be your edge over other applicants, as employers usually hire well-trained staff. With that, getting a certified would really be one of the wise decisions you made for your career.