Having crooked, broken or missing teeth can be pretty disturbing in many ways for children, teens and even adults. These conditions can also be the root cause of further dental problems. However, braces are the go-to solution for almost any orthodontic issues, regardless of how old you are. 

Everyone has the chance to transform their smile with braces, and you are no exception, even if you are older than 50. They can help correct your orthodontic conditions, making you flash a perfect smile whenever you want. And contrary to popular opinion, they are as effective for older patients as they are for younger ones

Orthodontic Problems That May Require Braces 

There are several orthodontic problems that You can correct with braces. The list below gives a few of them:

  • Ectopic tooth 
  • Crowding 
  • Spacing 
  • Underbite 
  • Overbite 
  • Open bite

Ectopic Tooth

An ectopic tooth erupts in a location other than the dental arch and gets stuck in that position. And canines and first molar teeth have the highest possibility of erupting in these parts. Most times, this is because the jawbone has no more space for them.


Crowding is a condition in which the jawbone has insufficient space to accommodate all the teeth. This causes the teeth to compete for space, pushing against each other in the process. Crowded teeth are difficult to keep clean. Therefore, making their owners liable to other gum issues.


Spacing occurs when the jaw has too much space for the teeth to fill and there are several reasons for this. In some people, it is genetics. In others, it could be the size of the teeth is too small and therefore, need gaps. Diastema is one good example of spacing. However, this mostly happens when the labial frenum is too big. 


An underbite occurs when the lower jaw extends beyond the lower jaw. This makes the teeth on the lower jaw sit in front of those on the upper jaw. 


An overbite is the opposite of an underbite. It occurs when the upper jaw extends beyond the lower jaw. This places the teeth on the upper jaw in front of those on the lower jaw.


An overjet is often mistaken for an overbite but they’re different. It happens when the teeth overlap from front to back horizontally. And most times, this is a result of unequal positioning of the upper and lower jaw.

Open Bite 

An open bite occurs when the teeth on the lower and upper jaws do not make contact when the mouth or jaw is closed. They are often seen in the anterior or posterior teeth according to this cosmetic dentist in Virginia Beach.

How Braces Affect Proper Smiles 

The ultimate goal of every orthodontic treatment is for you to have a pleasing, near-perfect smile. However, you don’t get this perfection at the drop of a hat as some processes must first take place. 

Braces don’t just change your smile over the night. For overbites and underbites, the braces gradually reposition the teeth. This in turn leads to an eventual repositioning of the jawline, albeit minor, correcting the bite issues to the core. 

These changes to the jaws and teeth impact the way you smile. The corrected teeth are moved to where they should have been, and your smile becomes as natural and perfect as you’d want it to be. 

Why Having a Nice Smile is Always a Win

The benefits of having a nice smile can never be overemphasized. A good smile can proffer physical, social, mental, and environmental advantages to a person. The following are some benefits of having a good smile:

A Boost in Self-esteem 

Having a good smile gives you confidence amongst your peers and colleagues. It helps to improve your assertiveness. 

First Impressions

You know how important first impressions are as they determine people’s opinions of you. By having a good smile, you leave a remarkable first impression of you on other people.

Improves Positivity

A good smile keeps away gloomy atmospheres. This helps to increase your optimism in handling matters that might have been pessimistic. This also makes others develop trust in your abilities and yourself. 

A good smile benefits you, your family, friends, and colleagues at work. So you would agree that it is never too late to work on improving your smile. And you can do this easily by getting braces to help correct your orthodontic issues. Neglecting this little bit of investment might cost you a lot. 


As you would agree by now, everyone is entitled to a perfect smile, and you are not excluded in any way. Therefore, regardless of your age, braces are not off-limits to you. You should visit an orthodontic expert if you notice any orthodontic issues affecting your smile. 

An orthodontic expert will give you the best medical advice that suits your conditions and recommend the treatment routine most suitable for your smile!