Contact lenses can be a boon or bane, it all depends on how you care for them. Improper contact lens hygiene and care can lead to horrific infections. So it can’t be stressed enough that proper contact lens care is vital for your eye health. It is only if you follow proper care and wearing instructions provided by the ophthalmologist.

Some recommendations for contact lens hygiene and care are:

  • Always ensure to wash your hands properly with soap, and dry them properly with a lint-free towel before you handle your contact lenses.
  • Be sure to regularly and carefully clean your contact lenses with the lens solution before and after each wear. You should rub the lenses with your fingers and rinse them thoroughly with the solution, before soaking the lenses overnight in the lens solution that completely covers each lens.
  • Always use your fingertips to handle your lenses, and not your fingernails or any sharp objects like tweezers.
  • Ensure to check that the lens is moist, clean and damage-free, before you wear it. If it is damaged in any way, do not use it further and discard it.
  • How to care for lenses is also dependent on the type of lenses that you use. Dahab lenses are known all across the world for its comfort. The daily disposable lenses by Dahab lenses can be easily discarded after use. So if you are more comfortable with lenses that you can discard after use and do not have to worry to soak them overnight in the solution, these are the lenses you should opt for. You also have the option of some stylish choices as well. With Solotica Aquarella lenses, you not only have an array of beautiful and natural-looking colored contact lenses, but you also have the added advantage of disposing of these lenses after every use.
  • Regarding the storage, always store your contact lenses in the proper lens storage case, and be sure to replace the case every three months. Even when you are taking off your lenses for the night and storing them in the case, rinse the case as well before putting the new solution.
  • Never reuse the old lens solution, always use fresh solution to clean and store your acuvue oasys 1 day contact lenses. The lens solution in your contact lenses’ storage case should be changed daily.
  • Remember to never wear your lenses when taking a bath, or when you are entering a hot tub or going swimming.
  • The biggest no-no when it comes to lens care is that you should never sleep with your lenses in. Always remove them well before bedtime, and let your eyes air for at least an hour or two. Leaving lens overnight makes your eyes prone to many infections, and can even lead to severe damage if not tended earlier.
  • Never use your lenses beyond the recommended usage time. Follow the lens replacement schedule as advised by your ophthalmologist.

If you are sure to follow the proper care and wearing instructions for your contact lenses, these can be the safest forms of vision correction. These simple and easy recommendations can be ensure that your eyes are protected from any infections.