Facial hair is a natural phenomenon but that does not stop it from being a huge pain. Women spend countless hours plucking, threading and waxing this hair, only to have it grow back again. Often, the hair grows back sparsely over a period of 2-3 weeks, making it hard to always stay on top of it and remove it the minute it arrives. As any woman will tell you, nothing ruins our great look the way unkempt brows or a hairy upper lip does.  In light of this, many women wonder how to stop facial hair growth in females naturally. If you’re wondering the same, read on to know what you can do!

Here is how to stop facial growth through home remedies

The Sugar Lemon Mask

Sugar is quite sticky and can be used as a natural wax. Of course, you must do this in moderation and refrain from slathering sugar all over yourself! Heat sugar, lemon juice and water in a microwave until the sugar dissolves and the mixture cooks a little. Once it cools down to the point where you can touch it, apply it to your upper lip, cheeks, and chin. Since this mixture applies and dries down like a mask, you can use it to stop hair growth on the chin and neck pretty easily. Once the mixture dries, you can rub it off with your hands or a facecloth. The sugar particles stick to unwanted hair and pluck them off. The lemon acts as an astringent that soothes the skin and prevents break outs. You can use this home remedy 3 times a week.

The Egg White Mask

Egg whites are an excellent source of protein, which is why they are great ingredients for your skin. Using egg whites is an easy way toget rid of unwanted hair naturally. Add egg whites to a bowl and mix it with sugar and cornstarch. Keep beating the mixture until it forms a smooth paste. Cornstarch helps thicken the mixture, which goes a long way in helping the sticky egg whites adhere to your hair. The sugar acts as a mild exfoliate and also contributes to the stickiness of the mixture. Apply the mixture evenly to your face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Peel it off with your fingers and then rinse off the residue from your face. Remember to do this at least 2 times a week. Additionally, it is important to note that if your skin is prone to acne and breakouts, this may not be the right mask for you as it may clog your pores if you do not clean it off well.

Papaya and Turmeric Mask

Papaya is great if you want to stop hair growth on a woman’s face naturally. This is mainly because papaya contains a crucial enzyme known as papain. This enzyme helps by enlarging the hair follicles, which ultimately stops hair from growing. Moreover, papaya is great for your skin because it can help you get rid of unwanted dead cells, giving your skin a smoother look. This mask uses papaya and turmeric, which is a wonder spice when it comes to treating skin problems. Women with acne-prone skin can really benefit from the anti-bacterial and anti-acne properties of turmeric. To make this mask, just peel and grind raw papaya and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Massage the paste onto your skin and then let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse it off and use this remedy twice a week.

Excess facial hair growth can be a huge concern and sometimes, it can be caused due to hormone imbalances. If that is the case, home remedies that remove unwanted hair from face permanently may not be that effective for you. If you suffer from excess hair growth on your face, get in touch with a certified dermatologist to know how to get rid of the pesky hair!