These lines are for every women who deny to succumb. You are amazing and you can do whatever you wish to, despite of the patriarchy we live in. Don’t let the fire in you burn you instead let it become your reason to glow. No matter what, if you are ardent to bring the change then definitely you can, even if it’s a long way to go!

A modern era indeed;
Not for a woman though,
Since a long way to go.
Embarking new heights,
Mapping new roads
Then why a long way to go?

In different corners
Of the bias cosmos,
Abide by the weird laws
Neither made by her for sure.
Banned is she somewhere
From watching a match;
To ruled by husband
Are the conducting rules.
Changes are coming though,
Still a long way to go!

Veils are meant for her
Whereas stalker uncovered.
Lewd is his behaviour
And got punished is her.
Rebel is she, if she opines
As to keep quiet
Makes her character define.
But when keeping will strong
Makes Malala shine;
Inferred it can be
That change is coming
Though a long way to go!

Expected to sacrifice,
All through her life;
As is her duty solely
With a smile on look
Belying the pain lonely.
Responsible is she
For whole of the responsibilities
Whether working in
Or outside.
Expected to and she will,
Hold the responsibilities,
Embrace the difficulties
To bring the change.
Though how long a way to go !