It is no news that most of us are stuck at home for more than a month now, if not more. The government’s mandatory stay-home directive means that a lot of women are confined in a limited space with their husbands or boyfriends. At first, it felt like a break from regular everyday activities. There was more time to spend with our male copartners. Women often complain that their partners do not give them enough time or attention. Social distancing made sure that all his attention would be focused on you.

But over a period of time, we started missing our own space. The constant presence of men at home meant that women have to deal with additional work at times.  Because let’s face it, men aren’t really homemakers. All they can do is create a mess and add to our workload. On top of that women might have to deal with additional stress like added work-from-home pressure, taking care of a child, an ever hanging uncertainty, and so much more.

Many new challenges must have already cropped up in your relationship. At times you might even have panic attacks thinking of being at home for one more day with him. You might also have a lot of negative thoughts and emotions shooting up your brain. It is quite possible that you argue with him over minute issues.

The worst part is it takes a lot of effort to even admit to him or that problems are shooting up in your relationship. You feel guilty because you know that it is all in your head and you do not want to bring up such minor issues when there are bigger fish to fry. What you do not realize is that this habit can soon take an unhealthy shape. If you keep on brushing such thoughts under the rug, one day you will find that the rug’s underside has become too dirty to clean. It is not surprising that divorce rates in China have shot up to the sky since the outbreak.

It is okay to admit to yourself and to him that your relationship is being affected due to the pandemic. You have to think of it as one of the many problems you are facing every day. And just like any other problem that you face as a couple, you have to sit down with him and solve this one too.

One of the greatest tools you have at hand is the internet. Can you imagine if the same thing had happened when there was no internet around? There is a bunch of online activities that you can partake with him that would help you get rid of negative emotions. Here are 7 such activities.

Online Psychic Therapy

If you feel that your relationship is really taking a toll, it is never too early or too late to seek outside help. You’d be surprised as to how many people consult psychics that can help with relationships. Being confined together means that you can see more and more of his daily activities. It is natural to have doubts about some of those activities. You could have noticed something unusual about a text, or heard something unsavory during one of his phone conversations. Such doubts can give birth to trust issues and fester in your mind, adding to overall stress. A psychic can provide expert help when you have such issues with your male copartner. They can also find out if the reason for your emotional imbalance is an unresolved issue from your past that you have been unaware of. A psychic will be able to consult with the energies of the universe and find the truth for you. Whatever your problem might be, a psychic can definitely provide you peace of mind and improve your relationship with him.

Virtual Online Dating

In the 21st century, chances are that you met online. In either case, you can relieve the initial days of your romance by pretending to re-find each other online. You can try to sign up on dating sites with pseudo profiles, meet each other and make him sweep you off your feet once again. But make sure that he does not look into other profiles. That might tank your relationship. The rule of the game is that you would pretend to live individually, even while you are in the same house. This can be really fun when you pretend to live the game 24×7.

There’s another benefit to this method. You will get some alone time and space from him. Have separate workspaces and communicate only via texts or phone calls with him. You can also have date nights with him. But remember to go back to your separate lives again the next day, even if you do put out.

Play Online Games

You can play online games as an extension of the previous activity, or as a separate one. Romantic online games are not just fun. They refresh your communication with him. They also test the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship.

Truth or dare games are always classic fun. You will get to relive your teen years along with him once again. There are adult versions of these games where the questions or dares can be quite naughty. You can also use these games to spice up your sex life by giving him erotic dares.

There are games to reassess how well you two know each other. You can form questionnaires and challenge him to match your answers. Or you can simply ask him relationship questions and see for yourself how much attention he pays to your likes and dislikes.

Upload Old Photos

If you were born in the ’90s or before, chances are that you would have a pile of photographs clicked with film cameras. You can scan those photographs and upload them on social media. This will make you two relive your old memories and help your relationship. You might even have a lot of such pictures with him, and you would be glad to have spent all that time together. Even if you never laid eyes on an analog camera, you would surely have hard drives full of old digital photographs. Sort them out and upload the moments you shared with him a long time ago.

Blog or Vlog

Create a blog site or a YouTube channel. You must share some common interests with your man. That’s why you got into a relationship with him, isn’t it? Rediscover those interests and create articles or videos. And make sure you upload them.

Learn a New Language Online

You can always try to learn a language together. That might come in handy when you want to have a private conversation with him in a public place in the future. You always need someone to practice a new language with, so make sure he does his homework.

Online Classes or Workshops

There are a lot of courses and workshops for couples available online. You can partake in one of them together. Many of them are offering huge discounts presently. Attending classes together online can help you get rid of all that additional stress and rekindle your love with the man you chose to be with.