If you are looking for new ideas for summer outfits, this guide can put you on the right path. Here are ways to update outfits for the summer.

Is it time to bring some of your favorites into the new season? You don’t have to completely abandon your other seasonal styles just to match the summer. You can update your looks for the hot summer days while maintaining your aesthetic.

If you’re ready to go shopping and bring your fashion into the 2020 summer, keep reading. We’ve got 7 helpful tips for you to update outfits in style.

1. Change Your Color Palette 

When you want to move your favorite styles from spring or winter to summer, you don’t have to change everything. 

Why not just change the colors that you’re working with?

Now, this won’t apply to everyone. Some of us have a hue that we just know really makes us look great and some of us are in the “all black all the time” boat no matter how hot it gets. 

For everyone else, though, picking a few summery colors like bold corals, cool teals, and pastels can really change your look over for the new season.

2. Bring Up the Hems

Summer is the time to make all of the dresses, skirts, and shorts shorter. Even if you favor pants, rolling your favorite jeans up above the ankles is trendy and gives a bit of extra airflow to your legs. 

You can definitely buy new items for this if you’re not feeling like bringing out the sewing machine, or you can work with what you have.

Using the school uniform trick (or in other words, rolling the waistband once or twice) you can make any skirts a few inches shorter, bringing airflow to your thighs. Otherwise, if you’re willing to make permanent changes (maybe something is already worn out or going out of season) you can learn to hem for real.

It’s a useful skill that will serve you later anyway.

3. Crop Those Tops

Not everyone is into the cropped look and that’s okay, but it is super hot right now (literally and figuratively).

A cropped top gives a bit of cool air to your belly and feels breezy and fun. There are a few ways to do it without touching a sewing machine or going to the mall. 

The oldest trick in the book is taking a normal T-shirt and adding a tie to the middle. You can do this by gathering the extra fabric in a “tail” in the front or the back, twisting it, and making it into a small knot. 

You can also grab fabric from either side of your waist and tie them together.

If you’re feeling crafty, take a look at your old tee-shirts (and even sweatshirts). Put the ones that you’re willing to lose on, mark the spot where you want the shirt to be cropped to, and cut all the way around. This won’t be perfect, but it’ll give a cool distressed look to your summer outfit. 

4. Change Up Your Jewelry

A change of jewelry can make all of the difference when it comes to your summer look. 

Summer is all about body jewelry. We don’t just mean piercings (though what’s more “summer” than a belly button ring?), we also mean jewelry that lays across your body. 

Body chains, anklets, anything that puts a splash of gold somewhere that you don’t expect it. These look great when you’re walking around in less restrictive clothing.

This is also the time to bring out the fun jewelry. The darker tones of the cooler months can be put away for now. Bring out your favorite pastels, neons, and anything resembling a seashell. 

You can’t get away with shells during the rest of the year, so bring them out now. 

5. Change Your Shoes

Maybe your spring and fall styles were already pretty summer-friendly. After all, some of us just like dresses with summer patterns all year long. Who says sundress season starts in May and ends in August? Not us. 

Sometimes all you need is an update to your footwear. Ditch the stockings (obviously) and go get yourself a pair of summer-friendly kicks. 

Avoid high heels so that you don’t find yourself sinking into the sand or grass at your summer parties and bonfires. Instead, opt for flat sandals or retro platforms. A good pair of strappy shoes can bring your clothes right into the summer trends. 

6. Update Your Makeup

Okay so this isn’t strictly about clothing, but a good makeup look ties together the outfit so it needs to be mentioned.

During the cooler months, it’s popular to wear cooler tones with a heavier application. Your blush might be a cool pink. Lipsticks are dark, often brown-based, or red with a blue base. You might opt for a high-coverage foundation with a heavy concealer. 

During the summer we’re going for a brighter and more natural look. Dewy skin is in (and you’ll be grateful for it when you’ve been sweating half of your makeup away). Eyeshadow should be lighter both in application and color unless you’re having a night out, and lipsticks in bright pink and coral tones are in. 

Keep your foundation to a light or medium coverage and ditch the matte. You want glowy skin this summer. Oh, and don’t forget the SPF

7. Add a Hat

Winter and fall have hats galore. There are beanies, berets, and floppy winter hats with cheerful pompoms. Speaking of beanies, check out these satin lined beanies by Taelor Boutique. They’re perfect for giving your winter look style and comfort. When the warm weather comes around it’s time to swap your hat for something a little more seasonal. 

If you want a casual or sporty look the brimmed cap (or baseball cap) is the way to go. This is an effortless style that really goes well with everything whether you’re going to a cookout, the beach, or a ball game. 

For the dressier affairs, consider a wide-brimmed hat. These can be flat like straw boaters for a sweet and low-key picnic look, or large and floppy for the more dramatic among us. 

Not only are hats great accessories, but they also protect your delicate face and shoulders from the sun. 

Do You Need to Update Outfits for Summer? 

If it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul take some of our advice. Update outfits for the heat and sun by upcycling old favorites or buying something totally new. 

Whether you just need to beat the heat or you’ve got some summer functions to attend, we have you covered.

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