The teacher is a person who plays multiple roles in your life while teaching, guiding and inspiring you. The real role-model who loves, supports, encourages and even tolerates you for whatever you do. You have learnt not only the lessons from syllabus but lessons of life from them. They facilitate thinking, cultivate dream and shape the future of every child. Sadly, the teachers job is not much recognized and they don’t get paid as they deserve that is one more reason to respect them even more. But we sometimes miss the opportunity to thank them for doing so much for us. After all, they had taught us myriad things that we should be grateful for!

So, here are few important things for which you must thank your teachers.

1. For helping you take right decisions in life.

Especially, one of the most important decision – career. Choosing a right career is a very crucial, hard and sometimes confusing. A teacher will help you test your options, let you explore and expand your horizons, to enable you to make good decisions.

2. For challenging your limits and pushing you through.

They made you challenge yourself, also they made you finish what you started. They rightly know in which field you can explore and how to bring out the best from you. Their passion to teach and make you perform better helps you discover your passion.


3. For teaching you the importance of discipline and determination.

You should even thank your teacher for disciplining fairly at the early stage of life. It ensures the smooth flow and teaches to be systematic towards achieving your goal of life with consistent hard work and dedication. So, what you are today tells about the level of discipline and determination you have embraced in your life.

4. For teaching you the great life lessons of compassion and goodness.

Other than book lessons, they taught you some of the vital lessons necessary for being a good human. As they made a lasting impact on your life, you get to learn forgiveness, kindness and compassion from them.

5. For showing trust and making you believe that you can.

They believed in you when no one else did, not even yourself. Their support kept you motivated; they gave you courage to keep going and to not give up when you faced certain challenges. They were optimistic that you could succeed and they also made you believe in yourself as much as they did and helped you fulfill your dreams and become a successful person.


6. For being there no matter what.

When your teacher is with you to hold your hand and show you the path, there is no such hurdle that you can’t overcome. For being your friend in the time of need or to scold you for wrong  like your parents did, they stood with you. Never left you for any of your mistakes and misdeeds, instead improved you at every stage.

7. For enlightening your life

Last but definitely not the least, you should thank your teachers for who you are, for enlightening your life with whatever they could have done for you.  They show you how with the power of knowledge you can remove the evils from the society and taught there is nothing above humanity.