Women these days are prioritizing their sexual pleasure, they’re asking for exactly what they want in the bedroom and they certainly aren’t faking an “o” moment. This view on modern intimacy is for all women — single, coupled, and married. What do these women have in common? They’re sexually empowered. 

Only a few short decades ago this type of woman was unheard of. In socially acceptable terms, sex used to only be about reproduction. 

Then, sex morphed into an act that was just for “keeping the man happy” while female pleasure remained a mystifying code to crack. After some burnt bras, and a major shift in popular culture, if you want, sex can simply be about pleasure and intimacy. Both of which are important to our minds, bodies, and spirit. 

In this article, we are chatting about 4 daily habits of sexually empowered women. 

But First, What is Sexual Empowerment? 

Sexual empowerment is prioritizing your own sexual pleasure and expressing your intimacy needs without shame.

To be sexually empowered means you take control of your sexual pleasure by owning your needs, communicating what you desire, and feeling good while doing it. 

Sexual empowerment is embodying your sexuality in any way that feels authentic to you. What feels empowering for one woman might feel totally unnatural to another. 

So, ask yourself, what is sexual empowerment to you? Are you having sex for your own pleasure or are you only engaging to please others? 

A sexually empowered woman can ask for what she wants, take matters into her own hands if need be, and feels unashamed by her sexual expression.  

What is “The Pleasure Gap” and How is it related to Sexual Empowerment? 

Researchers at the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that 95% of men climax during sex while only 65% of women reported they usually orgasm during sex.  

But the pleasure gap might be even more stark. 

A study conducted by the condom company Durex revealed that 3 out of 4 women (75%!) don’t achieve orgasm during sex. 

This might be because some women cannot achieve climax with penetrative sex alone. The same study noted that most men didn’t know this about female pleasure. 

Female sexual empowerment could change the pleasure gap. In order to close this gap, women need to take control of their own pleasure. 

4 Habits of Sexually Empowered Women

So, what are these sexually empowered women doing that you aren’t? Let’s find out. Here are 4 intimacy habits of the sexually empowered woman. 

These intimacy habits could help you get on the road to closing the (potential) pleasure gap in your own bedroom. 

#1 Sexually Empowered Women get Comfortable in their Own Skin

These women are comfortable in their bodies and accept themselves as they are. They know themselves and feel good in their skin. They don’t seek validation in others because they know their worth. 

They are also very aware of their own anatomy. They know what feels good where, and if need be, they could draw up an orgasm road map for their partners. 

Sexually empowered women are not out of touch with their body, or their pleasures. 

#2 Sexually Empowered Women Prioritize their Pleasure

Having sex only to please their male partner? No. They know their pleasure is important too. While they’re not going to leave their partners high and dry, they also aren’t going to accept a disregard for their pleasure. 

Roughly 58% of sexually active women have admitted to faking an orgasm during sex at some point in their lives. But two-thirds of those women said that was something “they used to do” and no longer fake orgasms. 

A sexually empowered woman does not fake orgasms. They help their partners get to know how to pleasure them. When they do this, they deepen their sexual relationship so that both parties can thoroughly enjoy their sex life.

This pleasure priority also goes for enjoying self-pleasuring. There’s no shame in a self-love game. If anything, it’s sexually empowering for a woman to take her pleasure, literally, into her own hands. 

#3 Sexually Empowered Women Communicate Clearly with their Partner 

For some, this is probably the most difficult part of sexual empowerment — communication. 

Women who are sexually empowered have clear-cut communication and connection in their bedroom. If this feels out of character for you, remember that you don’t need to be a dominating presence in order to communicate your needs. You can express your needs in whatever way you want. 

Sexually empowered women tell their partners what they want and what they don’t want. They also empower their partners to communicate what they want. 

Researchers have said a lack of sexual communication can lead to unsatisfying sex. 

#4 Sexually Empowered Women try new things that Excite them and their Partners

If a sexually empowered woman wants to try something new in their bedroom, they do. They’ll bring it up to their partner and if there is consensual excitement — they try it and explore. 

Your sexuality evolves as you evolve. And if you’re not exploring it in ways that make you feel good, then you’re missing out my friend. Think of things that make you say “Oh! I’d like that..” and explore the idea with your partner. 

If it’s something you’d like, you could spice things up and invite new stimulating products into the bedroom like arousal creams, vibrators, or even just a mood-setting curated playlist. 

The Bottom Line

Sexual empowerment is prioritizing your own sexual pleasure and expressing your intimacy needs without shame.

This doesn’t mean you need to change the way you dress or the way you connect to your partner. Just be authentic to yourself while advocating for your own pleasure. 

This self-empowering view on personal pleasure could potentially close the “pleasure gap.”