Retirement is a special kind of milestone. It signifies years of hard work and dedication. For most people it turns out to be a sort of bittersweet celebration. It is a mix of excitement and anxiety over where their life is headed next, and what the days will bring.

Gifts for Enjoying Life’s New Chapter

Help honor the retiree’s time in the workplace with these timeless, sophisticated gifts that will show just how much they are appreciated. Encourage them to envision what they might be doing for wondrous years to come.

50 States 5000 Ideas

Offer them a travel book which illustrates the wondrous and amazing things there are to do in the United States. The dream of traveling across country is usually not turned into a reality until retirement hits, so there’s no better time to gift them this book than now. Numerous travel books offer stunning photos of the American landmarks and astonishingly unexpected locations that are open to all. Discover the swamp tours in Louisiana, off-the-beaten-path museums, Civil War battlefields, just to name a few.  As a retiree, this person has the freedom to explore this country and create priceless experiences to enjoy.

E-Book Reader

Get your book-loving retiree a waterproof reading device. It is a great no-fail gift for someone who will finally have the time to be an avid reader anywhere they roam. This person will have plenty to read as they transition into their new, more flexible daily schedule. An e-book reader is so thin and light they’ll take it to the beach, park or just out back relaxing in the sun. It’s glare free so there’s no need to worry about sunshine impairing their reading pleasure.

Egift Cards

There’s just no way you can go wrong with the gift of an Egift card. Available from thousands of merchants all over the globe, you can choose from a number of categories such as grocery, restaurants, clothing, gas, pets, whatever you feel is most suitable for the retiree. Plus, eGift cards can be purchased online and instantaneously delivered to the receiver’s email inbox. These cards are fast, easy, and just what they wanted.

Wine Rack

Now that they’ll be spending more time at home, they’ll have more time for relaxing and downtime. Give the retiring wine connoisseur in your life the gift of a wine-rack for showcasing his or her collection safely and horizontally, which is necessary and beautiful to observe.  A wall mounted wine rack will hold those precious liquids correctly, keeping the cork wet with its liquid contents prevents it from crumbling.  A bamboo environmentally friendly rack is made of wood and can be etched with the words “Retired… Time to Wine Down.”

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Turn their phone into a professional camera with this lens kit. It expands the view by 140 degrees, magnifies nearby objects, illuminates with 3 different settings and clips right onto any phone, iPhone, or Android. Small and compact, the retiree can easily capture more of their post-retirement travels or simply more details of the birds in the backyard with this amazing little device.

Cooking Class

Now that they are retired, they will have more time to cook and may also have more of an interest in what they are cooking. There are a number of ways to gift a cooking class online, such as signing them up for master classes that teach the building blocks for tasteful culinary success.

Gardening Tool Set

Post retirement, folks tend to spend a lot of time in their garden, researching what to plant and when to plant it. They also look toward being more self-sustaining, to not only save money but also to be healthier. A garden tool set might include items like a trowel, rake, shovel, caddy bag, gardening gloves, branch and twig pruner, and water spray bottle. Everything they need to get started on their lush garden.

Spa Day

What a delightful way to start their retirement! The gift of a spa day will propel them into their new world of retirement with pampering and relaxation. Choose from several ways to honor them with a variety of massages, aromatherapies, mud baths, pedicures, manicures, etc. They will delight in being queen or king for the day – and it’s a gift they won’t ever forget.

Weekend Travel Tote

Are they planning in engage in a lot of leisurely day trips to see national parks, various landmarks, and fun stops along the way? A sturdy weekend travel tote should be spacious, crafted from a rugged material like canvas, have multiple compartments for various items like toiletries, shoes, hair dryer, etc., and a strap for easy carry-along style.

In All…

When someone you love retires, it’s a joyous occasion to be met with honor and respect for their years of service in the workplace. It’s also a new beginning of a life that can be filled with their dreams and vision of the future. With the right gift, you can help those dreams become a reality!