Some dog breeds can indeed be hostile to cats. But not all dog breeds are. Some get along with cats fairly well.

So, if you are a cat parent who is also considering adding a canine to their family, then it will be useful to know dog breeds that can get along well with your feline.

Let’s show you 10 cat-friendly dog breeds that you may want to consider before you introduce one to your family.

Dog Breeds That Get Along with Cats Well

1. Beagle 

Beagles are known for their characteristic docile and sociable nature which makes it easy for them to consider a cat as a part of their squad. Also, since they don’t like to be left alone and often need a companion, a beagle will make a nice buddy for your cat. 

A bit of caution is required though – because beagles are also known to be professionals at running away, you need to be on guard to ensure that whenever you let your feline out, your canine doesn’t seize the opportunity to escape.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are generally playful and kind to not just humans but other pets too. This is why they easily make the list of dog breeds that are cat-friendly. 

That being said, a little training may be required to ensure that the Golden Retriever doesn’t start to chase the puss at the early stages of getting to know each other.

Thankfully, there are sufficient materials online to learn to how to introduce your dog to your cat.

3. Border Terrier 

Border Terriers have an affectionate nature that makes it easy for them to accommodate other pets including cats. Their willingness to learn and eagerness to obey will also make it easy for you to train a Border terrierto be calm, kind, and nice around your moggy.

Meanwhile, these dog breed likes to go for walks (with a human, of course!). So, adding one to your family may require you to adjust your parenting style since you may already be used to your cat taking walks itself.

4. Poodle

Poodles are willing to extend the protective instincts that they have for their family to cats too. 

So,irrespective of their sizes, poodles make excellent additions to families that have felines. While Standard Poodles tend to ignore other pets and will pretend like yourfeline doesn’t exist, a Miniature will tolerate your cat and a Toy Poodle will become best friends with your cat.

You can also reduce the likelihood of your Poodle getting grumpy or cranky by taking it for daily walks and ensuring that it gets some playtime. 


5. Collie

Collies are generally considered sheepdogs. But they also get along just fine with domestic animals; especially if you bring them up together. 

Although there’s a tendency for their herding instinct to kick in sometimes and cause them to chase your feline, Collies are also very intelligent and they accept new training fairly quickly. 

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6. Labrador Retriever

‘Labs’ as they are fondly called, are great lovers whose instinct to retrieve things is greater than the instinct to hunt. So, a Labrador is likely going to pick your feline up with their mouth instead of attacking it. By the way, your cat is going to resist thisdisplay of love. So, brace up.

Meanwhile, as with Collies, it is advisable to raise your Lab as a pup so that it can learn to socialize with not just your moggy but other members of your family early enough.

7. Maltese 

The Maltese breed is a special dog breed with really long hair and a laid-back disposition. A Maltese, a Maltese only ever wants to curl up on a couch and be taken care of. 

So, it will naturally get along with your moggy as long as your kitty doesn’t try to play with its hair. This means that at the early stages of their friendship, you will need to monitor these pets closely to ensure that they respect each other’s boundaries.

8. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises make ideal playmates and siblings with felines because of their entertaining and easy-going personality. However, if your cat is a snub or tends to want some space, then they consider the outgoing personality of a Bichon Frise a bit too much. 

You won’t need to worry about this if your feline is friendly and able to tolerate the personality of this dog breed.

9. Irish Setter 

Irish Setter pups are beautiful, big dogs who have a natural tendency to want to jump on members of their family. This may be a reason to think twice about adding them to a family where a cat belongs. 

But the exuberant attitude of this dog breed will only last through the adolescent stage. Because they receive new training easily, you can get an Irish Setter to grow into an obedient and gentle adult.

10. Pug

Pugs are small dogs and will be a nice addition to your home if you’ve don’t have all the real estate in the world for a large dog.

They are also outgoing and adaptable and can be quite mischievous. So, they will get along with any other pet you own including your felines. 

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Bottom Line

Cats and dogs have been considered enemiesfor a long time that their combination is often used to describe feuds among humans. However, some cats and dogs can live together and even create a happy bond of friendship. 

Of course, not all dogs can handle being in the same space with a cat. But all the same, some dog breeds get along with them fairly well. 

That being said, in some cases, you may need to supervise the introductions with some training. In some other cases, you need not do so much for your canine and feline to get along.