The artist, Yaoyao Ma Van As from Los Angeles definitely loves her dog very much. Her illustrations are proof of being a dog lover. Well, she is not only an illustrator but also a painter and an occasional animator. And this is why we can see the amalgamation of all in her piece of art which also includes her love for the dog.

We have heard from ages about dog as a human’s best friend.  And dog lovers exactly know why dogs had been so special to them. Yaoyao Ma Van As’s illustrations beautifully portrays the bond between the two. Its not just the good peaceful moments they share but also the times when she was sad and disheartened. Or say it is about the daily life with the dog or those simple moments, when you had a bad day at work and coming back home you find this little four legged mate who is whining in joy, brings back your smile within seconds. In short, her illustrations sums up the love and importance a dog have in one’s life. And if you too can relate with these illustrations then her work will truly be a feast for the eyes.

Hey, Dog Lover! Enjoy scrolling down the tale of the wagging tail…

yaoyaomva illustration 2

yaoyaomva illustration 3

yaoyaomva illustration 4

yaoyaomva illustration 5

yaoyaomva illustration 6
yaoyaomva illustration 7
yaoyaomva illustration 8
yaoyaomva illustration 9
yaoyaomva illustration 10
yaoyaomva illustration 11
yaoyaomva illustration 12
yaoyaomva illustration 13
yaoyaomva illustration 14
yaoyaomva  dog lover
yaoyaomva  dog lover
yaoyaomva  dog lover
yaoyaomva  dog lover
yaoyaomva dog lover
yaoyaomva  dog lover

The dog lover, Yaoyao Ma Van As’s has shared a series of illustartions on her website and instagram page where you can see more of her amazing work!

In many ways a pet in a house changes life. Agree? Share your memories and thoughts in the comment section below.