When it comes to cats, there are generally two types of cats: those who like to be petted and loved, and those who would prefer to have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with their human. But whatever type of cat you might have at home, the next time your little furry friend starts following you around the house or outside as if they were a dog, remember that this is actually very common behavior among some felines.

Do you have a feline friend who likes to follow you around? The reason cats follow their humans can vary from one cat to another, but most likely they’re just looking for affection! If you ask yourself: “why does my cat follow me anywhere?”, you’re in the right place to find out!

Cats are social creatures

Some cats are very social creatures, and they enjoy the company of their human companion. It is not surprising if your cat will follow you around as you go from room to room, or follow you outside the house. They might also be very in tune with when you come and go. You may find your kitty waiting for you at the door when you get home, or it might snuggle up beside you on the couch as soon as it hears your footsteps. Some cats get more attached to their owners than others do.

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If you have more than one cat, they might gang up on humans and follow them around. If a cat gets used to following a specific family member from one room to another, it is most likely because that person has been consistently rewarding the behavior with lots of love and affection. There are also those cats who do not like being alone at all, and will follow their humans around to keep them company.

Cats are curious!

You might have seen some interesting YouTube videos of cats who love visiting places they aren’t normally allowed in. You may also notice your cat climbing up on counters, knocking over plants or even getting into the garbage can! Sometimes our feline friends get so curious that they follow us around to see what we’re doing. It’s as if they’re trying to figure out what we’re all about!

Stalking is what they do best

Cat’s ancestors were wild animals that did not live in packs or social structures, but rather alone or with only one mate. Cats are very intelligent by nature and have good memories. The combination of these traits has led to your cat’s tendency to stalk you around the house.

Kittens play with their littermates; they run after one another and pounce on each other’s paws. They also “play” by stalking one another around the room, especially if there is a ball or toy to chase. This behavior rehearses them for hunting skills, which they will carry through to adulthood. Adult cats play with you because they still enjoy the kitten-like behavior of stalking and chasing.

Cats like routine

Your cat may also follow you around because it enjoys the predictability of your daily routine. Cats are creatures of habit, and they feel comfortable when their environment is stable and predictable. If your cat follows you around, it is likely that he or she has grown attached to you and feels safe and secure when you’re nearby. It could be that your cat loves you so much, or has grown so attached to you, that it simply cannot imagine being separated from you. So even if you are leaving the house for a few hours, kitty will probably follow you to say goodbye!

Cats like… food

Another reason cats might follow their humans is because they are hoping you will provide food. Cats are usually pretty good hunters, but sometimes they need a little help from their humans to catch their prey. If your cat follows you around and rubs up against your legs every time you make a sandwich, it might be because he or she wants some of what you’re having!

Some cats enjoy human companionship

This is a good thing for those that enjoy the company of a cat, as they can sometimes be a very social animal. Cats will often follow their owners from room to room and around the house. It is not uncommon to see a cat following someone on a walk, or if they need to make phone calls outside the home.

“Some cats enjoy human companionship” says Dr. Janet Taylor during an interview about cats and social behavior. “It’s not surprising if they follow their owners from room to room or as they make the rounds outside the house. I have one patient whose cat insists on following her around”.

In the wild

Stalking prey is what comes natural to cats, as that is how they’ve survived and thrived in the wild for so many years. Cats are very intelligent animals, and they remember things quite well. Combine that with their inherent skill of stalking prey, and you have a kitty that likes to follow you around. This is especially true if there is a ball or toy to chase. Adult cats still enjoy playing in a kitten-like way and will often stalk their human companion.

If your cat follows you around, it may be time to consider adopting another one!

“If your cat follows you, it might be time to consider adopting a second” Dr. Taylor stated when asked about this behavior being normal or not. “It’s perfectly natural for cats to get attached to their humans, but there are definitely some things to consider the behavior. For instance, I’ve seen some cats follow their owners around all day long, but other times I see them completely ignore their humans when it’s feeding time or playtime”.

“I urge you to adopt a second cat if your first one follows you everywhere”, Dr. Taylor continued. “It should help with the stalking behavior. I’ve seen it help many times”.

“It’s perfectly normal for cats to stalk humans, but don’t worry too much about it”, Dr. Taylor concluded. “I’m serious; adopt a second cat if they follow you around constantly!”


So there you have it! Some of the most common reasons your cat might be following you around. As you can see, there is really no one answer to the question “why does my cat follow me?” Each feline has its own individual personality and motivations. But whatever the reason may be, it’s always nice to know that your cat loves you and is happy to be around you! Cats enjoy human companionship, and it is quite possible that they are just following their owners to find some attention or playtime. It may be time to consider adopting another one, especially if your cat insists on stalking you all day!