Performing push-ups is always the foundation of any exercise. It provides core power and strength to the body. But during this lockdown period, most of the gym enthusiasts are avoiding going to the gym as they exercise at their home only. Home gyms can also be an integral part of the exercise because by doing focused exercise at home, only one can achieve their goals. Keeping a Fitness treadmill at home and its regular exercise will help you to transform the body.

Push-up is considered one of the most important fundamentals for bodybuilding. It especially focuses on upper body strength and toning the muscles. Having the perfect knowledge to do the right push-ups with the correct posture can provide you with tons of great training benefits to your body. Pushpa contains several variations starting from the beginner push-up to advance or pro-level push-ups. So, in this article, we will provide you a complete push-up workout plan for a week which may help you to develop your muscles, speed and may ultimately achieve all the fitness goals.

Weekly Workout Plan for Push Up Strength and Power

Push up needs all the strength and stability of the abdominal portion, so before heading towards advanced level push up, firstly, you must train your midsection of the body. If your mid-portion of the body is not that durable and strong to carry an intense level push up, then you will tend to bow, bend or break your waist portion. 

Your hands should be wider than your shoulder, and your spine should be in a straight line. Maintain a tight core, and when you go down, your chest should touch the floor and then push back to the formal position from where you begin.

Workout plan Guidelines: – 

Rest is also one of the important key aspects of getting healthy physique. This workout plan works more effectively with one day’s workout and the next day’s rest. Rest allows your muscles to grow more, and it compiles all the wasted energy. So, try to avoid doing exercise back-to-back, try to do the alternative sessions throughout the week. This workout plan includes no types of equipment, so it can be used as a home gym, and it can be done at any time anywhere. 

Rest Time between the Sets: –

Always try to take 1-2 minutes of rest after every set. The time of the wrist can vary according to your reference level and schedule. If you can manage a short rest time and can do perfect repetitions with full energy and strength, then you are free to do so.

Pre-workout Strategy:

Try to perform as many push-ups as you can until your form breaks down and drains your strength. If you can perform 1-2 push-ups only, then there is no shame here. The next day, we come up and try to achieve more than before. After this exercise, take a day’s rest and then start with a weekly workout plan.

Day 1

Assisted push-up (3×10) Reps: –

For assisted push up you just need to be in a traditional push-up position and then place your knees on the ground for support. You can prefer a double knee or single knee according to your strength and fitness level.

Assisted tempo Push-up (2×8) Reps: –

Assisted tempo push in itself consists of two variants that are ‘tempo and pause’. This push-up will modify your strength by changing the speed in your pushes which execute the perfect muscle at the moment. While maintaining a push tempo and suddenly stopping at some specific position and holding that posture for a while can be very helpful for your fitness goals. Try to hold the lowering position of a push-up for about 4 seconds.

Decline push-up (3×8) Reps: –

Decline push-ups have a great impact on your lower chest. So, acquiring a good posture while doing a decline push-up is a must to get a better result and avoid injury. Try to find a bench or a piece of furniture to perform decline push-up more effectively.

Extended plank (4×25-30) Seconds: –

Plank is considered the best exercise to maintain your abdominal portion. It is also very helpful to get your abs. Always try to extend per plank time duration as mentioned below: – 

The first week: – 20 sec, second week: – 30-35sec, third week: – 35-45sec, fourth week: – 45-60sec.

Day 2

Close grip assisted push-ups (4×8) reps : –

This exercise focuses on your triceps muscle. You just have to place your hands slightly closer to traditional posture making a diamond shape between the hand figures.

Half motion push-ups (2×8) reps: –

Half range of motion push-ups also include your triceps muscle while exercising. You have to follow the traditional position and take a pause of 3 to 4 seconds in the lowering position.

Bodyweight Skull crushers (3×8) reps: –

Choose a perfect height that is suitable for approx. Eight reps.

Day 3

Wide grip assisted push up (3×8) reps

Pause to dead stop assisted push up (3×6) reps: –

Pause of 3 seconds in lowering position, 1-second pause when arms are in 90 degrees, and when the body lower to the ground pause of 2 seconds. Lastly, back to normal position and start again.

Lateral delt raise (3×10) reps: –

Try to hold appropriate weight and then perform the exercise.

Post-workout strategy:Try to perform as many push-ups as possible until breakdown.

Conclusion: – 

Since the fitness needle has moved in favor of heavyweight body training, many people have the desire to improve on their push-up prowess. Along with pull-ups, dips, sit-ups, muscle-ups, and squats, push-ups are the ones who test real-world authenticity, strength and stability, and are a testament to a wholly balanced body. For any workout planner to increase the repetitions, core strength level, and endurance of their followers should be their topmost priority.