A retail store is a public business place that is open to people from all over the country and even foreigners. The fact that you cannot control who comes to your store makes it prone to security threats. According to police reports, a number of serious crimes such as robberies with violence and even killings have occurred in retail stores. This has forced store owners to come up with ways to enhance security in their premises for the safety of their business, employees and their customers.

Top 6 Security Measures For a Retail Store

In order to run a successful business, security is one of the major factors that have to be catered for. Without proper security measures, a business suffers major setbacks, the main one being enormous losses due to robberies and theft. Another major setback is the loss of clients; clients will always avoid places that have been associated with security issues as they fear that they might fall victims. Here are some of the ways you can make your business premises secure and appealing to customers.

Video Surveillance

Installing a video surveillance system, also known as CCTV surveillance, in your premises is one of the best ways to fight security threats. This kind of surveillance allows you to monitor every section of your store in real-time, and you are able to get timely alerts in the case of any unusual activity. 

The trick is to place your cameras in areas such as parking lots, entrances, and exits and in different sections inside the store. Cctv surveillance also tends to discourage criminals such as shoplifters from coming to your store as they know they might be caught through the cameras. Invest in cctv housing to keep your cameras safe.

Install Alarms

By installing alarms in your store, you are able to get alerts in case of the slightest unusual activities. Alarms will detect when a door or window is opened; some are set to detect motion and send notifications of any unauthorized access to your premises. 

Your alarm company will connect the device to your mobile devices, in which case you are able to act promptly and send security personnel to your store. Time is a critical factor during a break-in, and security alarms enable you to take control of your situation in time.

Security Lights

This alone might not work to deter criminals from accessing your store, but it helps you to keep an eye on your premises. During the night time, solar security lights light up your store, and this allows you to see every corner of your retail store. This way, your surveillance cameras can actually capture visible images and not just darkness.

Your security guards also need security lights to be able to carry out constant ground inspection of your premises. Criminals also prefer dark places to carry out their criminal activities; they will think twice before trying to break into well-lit premises.

Electronic Article Surveillance

This is a system that is created to prevent shoplifting. A tag is placed on items in the store such as clothing and other products and has to be removed or deactivated before it is taken out of the store. If a person tries to steal a tagged item, an alarm is sounded, and you receive an alert. This is a common technology, especially in high-end retail stores that sell expensive products such as jewelry pieces and designer clothing. 

Access Control

This is whereby you control who can access different areas in your premises. An employee is given a secret code that allows them to access certain areas in the store. This system enables you to keep tabs on when your employees get into work and where they report to. This way, you are able to keep who was where and when. 

Any other person who does not have access cannot enter these areas; if they try to, an alert is sent of a potential break-in attempt. Most access control systems work by enabling facial recognition or fingerprint recognition. Retail owners prefer these kinds of systems in order to limit access to the most critical areas in their retails stores.

Security Personnel

As much as integrated security systems are the way to go when it comes to security in your retail store, you still need security personnel in different areas of your premises. Security persons are trained to catch unusual behavior that the systems might not detect. It is advisable to work with a reputable security company that has made a name for itself in the market. 


For all the above mentioned security measures, it is important that you work with professionals before installing any kind of security system on your premises. Make sure that you get your hands on the most secure systems that cannot be hacked. These systems also allow for multiple users who are given access passwords; in this case, you should let your most trusted employees to access such systems. All these systems require internet access; therefore, make sure you have network cables on your premises.