We have 8 personal trainers in our Gym, seven men and one lady. Though all the men trainers are good but everyone craves for that one lady. She is awesome. Not only she knows almost everything about diet and muscle training but she has the best track record as well. Similar is the case in a unisex barber shop next to my apartment where every women who enters the shop second time asks the lone male hairdresser for the service. That’s the fact that I love the most about the educated and open-minded world – there is no such thing as a gender-specific job. Almost anyone can do anything and earn respect from anyone; all they need is the willingness to do it and later their expertise works as a charm.


Watch this inspiring short film by Lost & Found which showcase the story of a woman who had chosen to take the unconventional road. She followed her passion. She was often demoralized, ridiculed and even bullied. But she had the courage to hold her ground.

And, one day something remarkable happens that changes people’s perception about her.